Designer Clothing for your Feline Friend

Cats Wearing Clothes

Cats Wearing Clothes

Fashion is not related to us, humans any more. We can find different apparels for our pets as well. With more interest growing in the welfare of our pets including their health, hygiene and even their dressing feline lovers has different options to choose from as long as their clothes are concerned.

Who does not like to give the best to their pets? Pet fashion is an “in-thing” nowadays. So for a new wardrobe for your feline friend you can opt for the following pet clothing:

Shirts for your pet cat

Want to give your cat a cool meaw-alicious look? Opt for cat shirts that have cute pictures and witty taglines to match. However whenever you are buying the shirts ensure that the fabric is not only safe but also non-toxic. Ensure that the material can be washed easily and is durable. We love this purple polo for $34. Product image is via the Cat-toure website. You can click through here to shop their fantastic catalogue.


Cute kitty costumes

There are numerous online sites that sell cute kitty costumes that ranges from cute ballerinas and matching shoes to princess outfit with matching tutus. One can also opt for an angle look with matching wings or the more popular “Puss-in-Boots” look. We love this costume from Baxter Boo. Sadly its out of stock at the moment, but fingers crossed it will be back again soon!


Designer Cat Clothes 

When you have a good dressing sense then why not utilize it while dressing your feline friend? From the numerous online pet cloth stores you can buy designer cat clothes like jackets studded with stones, designer caps. However before buying compare the price with the different online stores. Though these clothes look expensive but they are quite affordable. So you don’t need to burn a hole in your pocket to make your cat look gorgeous and beautiful. We love this outfit by the CatAtelier Etsy shop. She’s a fantastic feline designer!


Cozy Cat Jackets & Coats

These coats are perfect to keep your cat during the winter season. They are created keeping in mind their body type and hence they don’t pose any hindrance to your cat’s activities like walking, jumping and playing around. You can also opt for walking jackets that have built in straps that fit perfectly around your cat’s body and is apt for leash training. Love this image via Nordahlia.


Stylish & Functional Cat Collars

Stylish and functional cat collars: While buying apparels for your feline friend don’t forget to buy a cat collar. These collars come in different colours and styles. You can either buy a collar with an ID that will have your cat’s name inscribed on it or you can opt for designer cat collars that have different faux jewelry and stones attached to it. Don’t forget to ensure that the collar is a perfect fit. The best ones are those that are neither too tight nor to lose. And if your feline friend loves to prowl at night then buy a reflective collar so that other people can easily locate your cat in the dark. Not that this one below is superbly functionable, but the fashion is cute – this necktie collar is available from Etsy for $10.


Remember Comfort is Key

So whatever you are buying for your cat, make sure that your cat is comfortable wearing it. No point buying anything that makes them uncomfortable. Also don’t forget to compare the price of all the items in the different online stores to ensure that whatever you are buying is affordable and that you have gone through the available variety before settling down for your purchase.

About the Author: This article was brought you by Kimberly Littleton who a great pet lover and regular blogger in the web. Dog clothing is her one of the most informative research topic writing on for the readers. Thanks for the article Kimberly. Main image is an artwork via Pikaland.

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