We Love This Amazing Cat Jenga Game Called “Cat Pile” By Comma

Cat Jenga game, Cat Pile by Comma

I recently discovered this adorable Cat Jenga, inspired game, and just adore the concept – it’s called “Cat Stack“. Created by a company called Comma, from Taiwan – this game delivers the unexpected. The aim of the game is to build a pile of cats as high as you can! It might seem simple, but the pieces are small and tricky to stack.

The pieces for the Cat Jenga game, Cat Pile are created from beautiful wood cut out’s of a maximum size of 4cm by 4cm from nose to tail. Each pack contains six adorable hand made pieces, designed to reflect the different activities of the cat throughout the day – playing, joyful and all around adorable. The Cat Pile pieces by Comma, are made in either teak or maple, and you can get different colour stitching on the purchase packets, each packet with different stitching colour containing cats in different poses.

So how do you win? The aim of the game is to build the biggest cat pile you can without it collapsing, so just stack them to the sky! However, the pieces aren’t super cheap so it depends how many packets you purchase really as to how high you can stack the Cat Jenga pieces.

Bonus – once you get bored of the game you can repurpose the pieces into fashionable necklaces or brooches, perhaps even fridge magnets! They are truly well crafted little cat pieces.

Do you like Jenga, and also love cats? You’ll love Cat Pile by Comma. It’s for sale on Amazon, get the COMMA Wooden Cat Pile – Set #2 (Blue Threaded Pouch, 6 Kittens) and a bag of six pieces will set you back $19.99 (or sometimes a few dollars cheaper if there’s a sale on). It’s not cheap, but they are adorable and handmade pieces of craftsmanship so that basically justifies the expense (at least that’s what I will be telling my husband).

Cat Jenga game, cat pile by Comma

Cat Jenga game, cat pile by Comma Cat Jenga game, cat pile by Comma Cat Jenga game, cat pile by Comma Cat Jenga game, cat pile by Comma

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