Mysterious black cat gallery


If I didn’t already have an adorable little tubby tabby, I would certainly befriend a beautiful black cat. Here is a gallery of adorable creative commons black cats and kittens. I hope you enjoy them! Naww how adorable is this black cat being mummy for this little tabby.¬† Peek a boo! I can still see […]

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Longhair Cats : Smoke Persian


The Smoke Persian Pedigree of cat originated from the interbreeding of¬†Chinchilla, Blue and Black Persian cats. The most traditional form of the Smoke Persian Cat is the coloration of black, blues and greys as seen in the gallery of pictures above and below. However, with more introduction and mixing of genetics it has recently become […]

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Longhair Cats : Black Persian


Persians are amongst the longest known pedigree of cats, thought to have originated in what is now Iran and Turkey (originally this area was called Persia). There are over 60 different colour variations of the Persian cat, and if you look through the Breed information category of this website we aim to look at the […]

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