Itch Remedies for Your Cat

Ginger cat scratching itchy

If a cat has an itch, odds are he or she is not happy. Cats who scratch are in misery, so it is a problem that requires immediate attention. Cats may itch for a variety of reasons, and there are numerous options of anti itch treatments available for you cats. Itch remedies come in pill […]

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Cat News : Meatball the supersized cat

Meatball the cat

Oh no! This poor moggie made news recently when he came into an animal care shelter particularly overweight. Meatball as he is known weighs a staggering 36 pounds / 2.5 stone / 16.4kg… And some think he may well be nearing one of the largest cats on record. It’s planned that he will go into […]

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Guide To Keeping Your Cat Healthy

Cat Health Issues Vet

Having any pet brings a great deal of love and satisfaction to the owner, and making sure your pet is happy and healthy will keep them satisfied as well! In this article we look at how to maintain the health of your adorable feline friend by through good nutritional standards. We will also list some […]

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Ear Care For Your Cat


A human knows how important it is for them to take care of their ears by keeping them clean to prevent build-up, infection, and potential hearing loss. It is just as important for humans to take care of their cats ears to prevent these things and the long list of disorders that can affect a […]

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Eye Care For Your Cat

You want to take care of your cats so they can be healthy and live a long life. Taking care of a cat is not always easy because you have to make sure you take care of their skin, their ears, and their eyes. Cats have amazing eye sight, that can cause them problems as […]

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