Top 5 Cat Breeds 2014

From a 2014 poll, results were brought forth to show Australia’s top 5 most favourite cat breeds. The winners of the poll were: #5 The Siamese: These cats can be verbally demanding, but don’t let that fool you; they are also very affectionate, loving and social. This breed can be at times nervous, and are […]

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Longhair Cats : Cameo Persian


The birth of the Cameo Persians was initially not a desired outcome in breeding programs, and in fact came about quite by accident. Thankfully the aesthetic of the breed was valued and in the 1950’s it became officially recognised as a breed of its own in the United States. The coat on this breed of cat is […]

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Longhair Cats : Smoke Persian


The Smoke Persian Pedigree of cat originated from the interbreeding of Chinchilla, Blue and Black Persian cats. The most traditional form of the Smoke Persian Cat is the coloration of black, blues and greys as seen in the gallery of pictures above and below. However, with more introduction and mixing of genetics it has recently become […]

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Longhair Cats : Shaded Silver Persian


The Shaded Silver Persian is personally one of my most favourite long haired cats. Its beautiful silver coat is so refined and elegant and its facial structure is not as flat as many other Persian varieties. It is believed that Silver Shaded Persians were bred from a combination of Chinchillas and self-coloured longhairs to try […]

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Longhair Cats : Golden Persian


It is believed that Golden Persians were originally an off-shot of anomalies in Chinchilla breeding from the 1920’s, which explains why they historically may also go by the name of Golden Chinchillas. However the modern pedigree is known to come from importing Chinchillas into Britain directly from the US in the 1970’s and breeding them with stock […]

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Longhair Cats : Chinchilla


The Chinchilla cat line is thought to have originated in 1882 when a silver Angora type female was mated with a non-pedigree male of similar colouring. One daughter from their litter, called Chinnie, became the first title holder for Chinchillas. She was preserved on her passing and still remains on display at the London Natural History Museum […]

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Longhair Cats : Tabby Persian

The Tabby Persian is an elegant cat, with a mottled coat of generally two main tones and gradations patterned throughout. Owners of this particular breed of cat must be cautious to not over-groom the cat and diminish their patterning. Whilst a full and soft coat is still highly desirable, over grooming and puffing of the […]

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Longhair Cats : Calico/Chintz Persian


Similar to the Bi-Colour Persian, the Calico Persian is another breed of cat defined by the patches of white on their coat. This cat is an offshot of the Tortoiseshell Persian, meaning that their tortoiseshell patterning is offset with patches of brilliant white. The difference between the bi-colour and the Calico is that on the bi-colour has […]

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Longhair Cats : Bi-Colour Persians


A Bi-Colour Persian differers from a Tortoiseshell Persian or a Calico (Tortoiseshell and White) in the way the patching appears on the coat. In a Tortoiseshell, the coat is dappled and intermingled with no patches of white or cream. However in the Bi-Colour Persian the most attractive feature is the very distinct separation in the line between coloured […]

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Longhair Cats : Tortoiseshell Persian


This particular breed of Persian Cat called Tortoiseshell (or Torties for short) is valued because of the many variations in coloration and banding throughout their fine silky coats. The classic colouring is, of course, the darker Tortoiseshell blacks, browns and reds – though all other variations are acceptable. The only object to consider when breeding Tortoiseshell cats […]

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