Longhair Cats : Cream Persian


Cream Persian cats are again another breed which has resulted from the cross-breeding of Angoras and Persians in the 1800’s. This breed in particular is believed to be an offshot of the Red Persian with the White Persian. Their coats generally has a cream to slightly reddish tinge to it, and it looks very much […]

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Longhair Cats : Lilac Persian


The Lilac Persian, similar to the Chocolate Persian, is another offshoot of the breeding between Chocolate Point longhairs and the Blue Persians. Again, this breed has some of the characteristics of the Siamese, a little troublesome personality and playful independent spirit. They are happy to amuse themselves with their antics, but also are very friendly and enjoy […]

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Longhair Cats : Red Persian


Breeding a pedigree cat and ensuring that its genealogy is maintaining a high standard is not the easiest thing in the world – which would explain why the Red Persian cat was in the last few decades one of the rarest feline varieties. Pure Red Persians can only be bred from parents who, as kittens had a fine-mackerel striped coat and long […]

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Longhair Cats : Blue Persian


The Blue Persian is often considered one of the greatest standards to which other Persians are compared when showing cats. It is thought that the bluish coloration, which is a diluted black with a lavender sheen, is closest to the original Persian breed brought back by European traders during the 1600’s. Its interesting to note that this particular coloration may well […]

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Longhair Cats : Chocolate Persian


The Chocolate Persian cat originated from a cross breed between the Blue Persian and the Chocolate Point Siamese, and although this was not originally the breed that was intended eventually it became recognised as a breed of its own. It is thought that the Siamese genetics in the breed give a little twinkle in the […]

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Longhair Cats : White Persian


The coat of the White Persian cat is owed to the pedigree purity of the Angora Cat from Turkey. Angora cats of today are much different to to the pedigree of traditional Angoras from Turkey. These cats were prized for their brilliant snow white silky coats, and were the most sought after pedigree of the […]

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Longhair Cats : Black Persian


Persians are amongst the longest known pedigree of cats, thought to have originated in what is now Iran and Turkey (originally this area was called Persia). There are over 60 different colour variations of the Persian cat, and if you look through the Breed information category of this website we aim to look at the […]

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