Choosing The Best Wet Cat Food

Cat food bowls

Cats are known to not always drink as much water as they should, since their thirst instinct isn’t the strongest. For this reason and many others, it’s a good idea to supplement your pet’s diet with wet cat food, which can not only give them adequate hydration, but can also be very beneficial to little […]

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Cat News : Catvengers


I adore these illustrations by the very talented Jenny Parks. She is a illustrator in both traditional mediums and photoshop in USA. She describes herself as a scientific illustrator and is obviously very dedicated and passionate about her work. You can purchase her beautiful prints too, so I highly recommend viewing her Etsy store, or […]

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Creating cat cookies

Cat cookies

Thinking of baking for cookies to nibble on? How about making so cute cat cookies! I love the picture above, they are using a Halloween cookie cutter set, but there are also heaps of other great sets out there which are more simply cat sets. Cat Cookie Cutters Click on the links below to find […]

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Cat’s Cradle Book & Kit

Cats cradle

Perfect for kids, as a birthday gift or stocking stuffer, teach them how to do cats cradle in a really simple illustrated way. This game has been around since at least the early 1800’s on record. However as its such a simple game, it would have been played since string was first around I imagine! […]

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Itch Remedies for Your Cat

Ginger cat scratching itchy

If a cat has an itch, odds are he or she is not happy. Cats who scratch are in misery, so it is a problem that requires immediate attention. Cats may itch for a variety of reasons, and there are numerous options of anti itch treatments available for you cats. Itch remedies come in pill […]

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Supercute cat tunic top

Cat tunic top

Check out this cat tunic top for sale. Comes in either black shirt with tabby cat or red shirt with black cat. Personally I think the tabby cat looks much more happy! Item specs are: Allegra K Women’s Round Neck Batwing Sleeve Cartoon Pullover Tunic Shirt Round Neck, Batwing Sleeve, Dolman Sleeve, Pullover, Loose, Summer, […]

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Adorable Cat Stockings

How cute are these cat stockings!

Ooh I saw these and just fell in love. These cat stockings are completely adorable. AND they are super cheap! Click the links below to check them out in more detail on Amazon. They start at about $5 for a pair, and there’s not just cat ones theres heaps of other patterns too:         […]

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Choosing the Best Carrier for Your Cat

Cat in a carrier

One of the most important items that all cat owners should have is a quality cat carrier.  Even though there are so many different types of carriers to choose from on the market today, it can still be very difficult to choose the best one that is a great fit specifically for your cat.  Shopping […]

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