Educating Your Cat with Repellents


When it comes to training your cat, one of the most effective tools that can be used is a standard repellant.  There has been a lot of debate over using repellents in order to train pets over the years, primarily because many people feel that it is a form of torture.  However, as long as […]

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Aren’t Cat Headbands Gorgeous?!

Cat Headbands are Cute

Cat headbands are the prime of the time. They’re cute, gorgeous and irresistible and here are some reasons why: You can look just like your furry feline. Great for fancy outings. If you have a Dr. Seuss story book and a Cat In The Cat Headband, pretend you are The Cat In The Hat whilst […]

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Top 10 Books about Cats

Looking for something to read, or a gift for the cat lady in your life? These hot titles could be just the thing. They’re all available for sale right now as well, simply click the link to read more or purchase if you really love the sounds of it! How to Tell If Your Cat […]

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Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure

Crazy Cat Woman Action Figure

Is there a crazy cat lady in your life? The sort of person who can’t have just ONE cat, they need at least 5? Well, here’s the perfect gift for them! I just adore this cat lady action figure, and its from only $12.99USD. Hehe so cute. Get it at Amazon by clicking the link […]

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Hairball Remedies For Your Cat

Cat Hairball Remedies

Everyone loves their cats because they are loveable and have grown to become a member of their family. Just like any other member of the family, it is common for your cats to have their faults. One of the faults of owning a cat are hairballs. Hairballs are an inconvenience because they are kind of […]

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Adorable Beds For Your Cat

Miniature bed for a cat

Aww how cute is this adorable miniature bed for your cat. There are so many bedding options available out there for cats, but what sort is the best sort? Really its up to you, but generally anywhere thats warm, safe and comfortable for your cat will do. Keep reading for a slideshow of many options […]

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