Guide To Keeping Your Cat Healthy

Cat Health Issues Vet

Having any pet brings a great deal of love and satisfaction to the owner, and making sure your pet is happy and healthy will keep them satisfied as well! In this article we look at how to maintain the health of your adorable feline friend by through good nutritional standards. We will also list some […]

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Eye Care For Your Cat

You want to take care of your cats so they can be healthy and live a long life. Taking care of a cat is not always easy because you have to make sure you take care of their skin, their ears, and their eyes. Cats have amazing eye sight, that can cause them problems as […]

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Revolution for Cats

Revolution can help keep your cats happy and healthy

No one wants their cat to have fleas, and some cats are even allergic to flea bites. There are many different products available these days for flea control on cats. Revolution is the brand name for a topical flea control product containing selamectin as the active ingredient. Revolution is a great product in a lot […]

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When Your Cats Don’t Get Along

Two Kittens Fighting

Like many people, a few of our pets are rescues – with three cats from shelters and vets, as kittens. Three cats along with dogs, sheep and rabbits is a lot, yes, but we don’t have any regrets. Well, not too many regrets. Occasionally we get That Look from people who clearly think we’re nuts […]

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Oscar the £50,000 bionic cat


Just read this news story about Oscar the £50,000 bionic cat. Poor baby got caught in a harvester and lost his two back legs. But thanks to two very loving owners and Noel Fitzpatrick, a very skilled surgeon – little Oscar got two bionic legs and had a happy ending 🙂 Read more about Oscar […]

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