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Best Cat Dewormers of 2020 – Reviews & Buying Guide

1. FurroLandia

8 in 1 Dewormer For Kittens & Adult Cats By FurroLandia


2. Petford est. 1987

Natural Dewormer By Petford for Cats & Dogs


3. Rolf Club 3D

Flea and Worm Control Collar For Cats By Rolf Club 3D


The glowing eyes, the little paws, the soft fur; everything is adorable about cats. They make you smile when they do all sorts of tricks to grab your attention and shower their affection.

However, if you have one in your home, you also need to take care of their health and happiness. When we talk about taking care of cats, it involves giving healthy food , proper accessories , timely medication and much more.


Cats often get infected and one of the most common reasons for that are worms. This infection is generally seen in kittens. Roundworms and tapeworms can be the main cause of infection in kittens, and these parasites can be pretty dangerous if they are not treated immediately.

It is important to know about a cat dewormer so that you can consider buying the best cat dewormer to keep your kitten safe from intestinal worms. This article throws light on everything a cat owner should know about deworming like what it is, preventive measures, what to do if your cat is infected and more.

You can also read about the deworming medications available out there and buying tips too.

What Is Deworming?

Deworming is a process of keeping kittens and adult cats away from worms infestation by administering a deworming medicine. Most kittens are infected with roundworms, so it is essential to deworm them when they are young.

The right age for deworming is 4, 6 and 8 weeks. Deworming treatment must be repeated when your kitten is 4 and 6 months. Even though adult cats are less prone to worms, they must be dewormed too4.

Few common signs of worms in your cat are vomiting, blood in stool, constipation, difficulty in breathing, weight loss, over hunger, weakness, poor coat, diarrhoea, wheezing, coughing and others.

Causes Of Worms In Kittens and Cats

  • Consuming infectious food

Many times cats hunt small preys; and while doing so, they sometimes end up consuming a rodent that is infected. This is one of the major causes for your cats to develop an infection.

  • Fleas can be dangerous as well

Ticks and fleas are commonly found in a cat’s body. They hide inside the fur cozily, and this becomes one of the main reasons of infection.

Cats are usually very clean animals and to keep themselves clean, they tend to lick their body parts to groom themselves. During this, if a flea enters their system, it can lead to infection. Hence, keeping your cats away from fleas and ticks is essential.

  • Infection from mother’s milk

Sometimes the mother’s milk is infected, and this can be one of the main causes of kittens to develop an infection. Administering the best dewormer for cats is important in this case.

  • Snails and slugs

Cats are generally fond of munching anything that looks appealing to them. Snails and slugs are some of the insects that they may eat and get an infection.

Common Symptoms Of Infections

  • Weight loss despite normal eating habits

At times, your cats may be consuming the normal amount of food as they regularly do. Despite this, you may notice some changes in their body growth as there are chances for them to start losing weight drastically and rapidly.

Usually, this is the most common sign of the cat being infected. It is highly essential to take your cats to a vet and get it treated immediately.

  • The fur loses its texture

It’s nice to hug and cuddle your cats when they have soft furs. But, if you notice a change in the texture of their fur then, you should never delay in consulting a vet immediately.

Generally, the fur of the cats tends to become rough when they are affected by worms. So, this can be one of the symptoms that can help you understand if your cat has developed an infection.

  • You get to see worms

If you notice white spots or at times worms in the feces of your cat then, it is a clear indication that your cat is infected by worms. There are different kinds of worms and when the cat excretes, the worms come out in the stool as big as 10 cm. The worms may come out as whole or in sections.

At times, they may also just be visible as white spots. Hence, you should never ignore the white spots because the sections of the tapeworms do come out in the form of ‘white spots’.

  • Change in bowel habits

If a cat is affected by worms, their bowel cycle and habits would also change. Hence, you must keep a tab on this aspect as well. They may develop diarrhea and can lead to constant stool passage. When such things happen, it is important to consult the veterinarian immediately and get the needful treatment done.

  • Lethargic lifestyle

When the cats are infected, they tend to become lazy. Sometimes they even find it extremely difficult to move around. They can be found lying in the same position for several hours.

They may also feel drained out when the activity of worms is at its peak. When the worms are acting up, you would generally notice your cats dragging themselves along the carpet, and this can be one of the strongest indications of worm infection in your cats.

Well, these are some of the symptoms that can help you understand if your cat is being infected by worms. Well, let us now quickly understand the things to look for when buying the best wormer for cats.

Factors To Look For When Buying The Best Cat Dewormers

There are several deworming medicines for cats and kittens out there. When you need to buy one, you must consider many factors as the health of your cat must not suffer. Here are a few handy tips to buy the best over the counter cat dewormer.

1. Check The Ingredients For Effectiveness

There are different types of deworming medications with various ingredients to get rid of worms. Therefore, you need to read the label on the dewormer thoroughly before buying one for your cat.

In solid dewormers, there are parts of beef, chicken, and liver to make the food tastier. There are homeopathic dewormers too. Some of the medicines have only herbal ingredients. Hence, depending on the kind of ingredients used, one can choose their dewormers.

You must also consult the vet, and make a list of ingredients that can be harmful. When buying, you need to read the ingredients on the label to ensure that no ingredient is harmful for your cat. The dewormer should kill the parasites and prevent re-infestation without harming the pet.

2. Go For Highly Safe Dewormers

There are a few dewormers that are safe for cats and kittens up to a certain age. To stay safe, you must buy dewormers that are made of natural ingredients. There are a few dewormers that can harm the health of nursing and pregnant cats so beware of them. Go for one with minimal side effects on your cat. Buy from a trusted brand!

3. Liquid Or Solid: Know Your Cat’s Comfort

You cannot make the cat eat something against her will. Many dewormer manufacturing companies make odor- free dewormers that can be mixed in cat food. These dewormers are available in liquid, paste and tablet forms.

There are pros and cons of using each of these types. However, you need to choose one that is easy for your cat to ingest. If you need to buy a dewormer for a kitten, liquid medicine must be preferred. Before using dewormers for cats, make sure that you read the instructions that are given on the label.

4. Taste Is The Key Factor

Another factor that will have an impact on administering the dewormer successfully is its taste. Your cat might throw up the dewormers that taste bitter and would be ready to ingest the one that tastes delicious for them. You can mix tasteless, odor-free dewormers with food.

It is difficult to anticipate how the kitty or cat would respond when you give her a tablet or liquid dewormer. However, on your part, buy a dewormer that has positive reviews about taste and effectiveness.

5. Age And Size Of The Pet

When comes to infestation, cats of different age, i.e. the kitten, senior and adult cats would have a different level of tolerance. There are a few worms that attack the cat up to a certain age. So, the dewormers need to be given based on the size and age of the cat.

Therefore, you need to thoroughly check the label about dosage before buying one for your cat. This helps you to buy the right one that would help your cats to get rid of worms that are bothering them.

6. Check About Side Effects

The wormers will make your cats stay healthy and happy. However, there are a few dewormers that will have a bad impact on the cats. Though most dewormer companies claim that their medicine will have little side effects, be careful from your end by asking an expert.

You need to buy products that are certified and by a reliable manufacturer. This helps you to safely use it on cats without risking their health.

7. Buy Medicine According To The Type Of Worms

Cats are infected with different types of worms. The common worms that infect cats include roundworms, tapeworms, and hookworms. These get in the cat’s body when they eat infected feces or rodents with tissues that are infected.

Tapeworms are formed from flea infestation, while the hookworms will attack the body of the cat through skin contact or by ingestion.

You need to find out to which type of infection your cat is prone to. Your vet can help you find the infestation with which your cat is suffering. This will help you give the right medication to get rid of worms.

8. No Chemical, Natural Ingredients

Go for dewormers that are made using natural ingredients without any chemicals as they won’t affect the health of your cat adversely as chemicals would.

These products can treat different types of infections in cats and can also be used to prevent them from an infestation. The mildness of the medicine will ensure little or no side effects.

9. Consult Your Vet

Before giving any deworming medicine to your infected cat, you must first consult your vet. He is the one you must trust to find out the right dewormer for your cat based on her size and age.

They have extensive knowledge and experience and would know which product would work better for your cat depending on her medical history.

10. Recommendations From Friends

If your friends have pets, they might have used dewormers for their cats sometime or the other. If you are planning to buy a dewormer and don’t have much experience, you should always talk to them for advice.. They will surely guide you in the right direction and will also share their tips.

11. Check Ratings And Reviews Form Buyers

Most online sites have buyer reviews and ratings. Always go through them and know about their experience. First-hand experience of actual buyers will surely help you to take an informed decision.

These are a few factors you need to consider when you are buying a dewormer to help your cat fight worm infestation. It is also crucial for you to check with the vet.

He will prescribe the right medication that will help your cat get rid of the infections and infestations that are irritating her. Let us now take a look at the benefits of buying a dewormer online.

Benefits Of Buying A Dewormer Online

  • Easy To Buy

If you plan to buy a dewormer online, it becomes pretty easy because there are a lot of choices, and you can buy from the convenience of your home. Also, you can compare several products and know about their features and benefits in a glance.

However, when you step out to get a dewormer from a pet store, it will take a lot of time, and you may end up buying an ineffective product due to lack of reviews that are there on online stores .

  • Discounts

There are many trusted websites that offer huge discounts on dewormers and other cat products, which you may not get in brick and mortar store. So, if you want to avail discounts, you must surely consider buying over the counter de-worming medicine online.

  • Quick Delivery

When you place an online order for the best cat dewormer, you won’t need to wait for long to get your order. Sometimes, the product would be delivered within a few hours directly at your doorsteps.

  • Saves a lot of time and effort

Sometimes, your schedule is so busy that it becomes difficult for you to step out of your home to get a dewormer. Hence, by placing the order online, you would be able to save a lot of time and effort. Also, you won’t need to delay the deworming process.

  • Multiple payment options

Online stores offer several payment options so that is an added benefit.

Top 9 Best Cat Dewormers 2020

1. 8 in 1 Dewormer For Kittens & Adult Cats By FurroLandia

FurroLandia Best Cat DewormerIf you want your cats to stay fit and fine, you must get this cat Dewormer. This best cat dewormer has to be chosen for various reasons. This product is made of complete natural ingredients and that makes it one of the best cat Dewormer over the counter to be given to your cats.

This dewormer is quite effective for both cats and dogs. The best part is that it is chemical free and made of natural ingredients.

It also helps to keep your surroundings free from worms and pets are quite likely to infest their surroundings as well. This is an 8 in 1 formula to treat tapeworm, roundworm, whipworm, hookworm, trichinella and strongyloides.

The manufacturer FurroLandia is quite confident about this formulation made of black walnut, orange peel, clove bud, pumpkin seed, wormwood, marshmallow root, and chamomile.


2. Natural Dewormer By Petford for Cats & Dogs

Natural Dewormer By Petford for Cats & DogsThis is one of the best products that you must feed your cats and dogs with when they are suffering from infection caused by worms. With proprietary formula and pure herbal ingredients, this cat dewormer is quite effective for removing hookworms, tapeworms and roundworms.

It is quite effective and comes in a liquid form. You can use this for all age and all breeds cats & dogs. With no artificial fragrances, it is easy for you to mix it in the food and feed your cats as they would not be able to make out any difference at all.

You can even feed the drops directly in their mouths. Since it does not taste bitter, your pets would not be fussy when they are fed this. Over 80% buyers have recommended this best roundworm treatment for cats.


3. Flea and Worm Control Collar For Cats By Rolf Club 3D

Flea and Worm Control Collar For Cats By Rolf Club 3DThis easy to wear flea and worm collar is one of the best choices for your cats to keep them away from ticks and fleas. It is convenient and comfortable and quite effective too as per many buyers. It offers protection as long as 4-months from 11 types of fleas and worms.

It is waterproof, safe and uses German technology. All you need to do is tie this flea repellant collar around your cat’s neck and your cats would stay safe from as many as 11 parasites.

It is odorless and does not weigh much. With polymer matrix, it is quite effective. It is definitely worth trying.


4. Cat Digestion Health Treat By Verm-X

Cat Digestion Health Treat By Verm-XIf your cats are suffering from worms and parasites the, this Verm-X Treats is the best product to be used. The cats would be relieved when they are fed with this Dewormer because it is very light and is quite effective as well.

These treats will help you immensely in controlling internal parasites in your cat. These are slightly moist treats with 100% natural herbs. They are quite mild so won’t put any stress on cat’s digestive system

The worms in the stomach would be eliminated quickly when this best tapeworm medicine for cats is fed to your kittens. The ingredients used in this product are completely natural and they taste good too, as it contains pieces of beef, chicken and this can make your cats gain weight too.

Hence, this is one dewormer for cats that can be fed to even your adult cats.


5. ClearMax Wormer For Cats And Dogs

ClearMax Wormer For Cats And DogsGenerally the cats pick up parasites from outside and their digestive system becomes prone to infections easily. This is one of the best cat dewormer that you can give your cat to prevent worms or to get rid of them.

The Wormer soothes the digestion system and it also eases the bowel movement. This natural dewormer is safe and helps in eliminating parasites from your cats system while healing her digestive tract.

This deworming medicine from ClearMax removes worms like roundworms, tapeworms, hookworms, whipworms, and nematode. It has no side effects too.


6. Wormeze Feline Liquid By Durvet

Wormeze Feline Liquid By DurvetIs your cat is suffering from worms? Then, you must certainly pick up the Wormeze Feline Liquid for cats. This liquid is pretty easy to use and you do not have to run around your pets forcing them to gulp down the medicines.

This medicine is used to treat the worms effectively. Buyers are quite happy with the effects of this medication on their cats.


7. Wormeze Feline Liquid Dewormer 4oz

Wormeze Feline Liquid Dewormer 4ozCat owners need to buy an effective dewormer for the overall well-being of their cats. Since cats can pick up infections quickly, deworming is important. Wormeze Feline Liquid Dewormer is a liquid deworming medicine for cats that is easy to use, tastes good and is effective too.

It is safe for kittens over 6 weeks and adult cats. They will eat it without any fuss when mixed with food. Buy this to eliminate or control roundworms in your feline companion.


8. Feline Worm Clear By HomeoPet

Feline Worm Clear By HomeoPetCats are quite sensitive and especially when they are suffering from worms infection they would start acting cranky. During these times, you can give them HomeoPet Feline Worm Clear.

The medicine is made using the homeopathy line of treatment and it is known to effectively treat the worms like tapeworms, hook worms and round worms.

These are considered to be one of the best Dewormer medicines and it can be given to pregnant female cats as well. The cats that are lactating can also be given this Dewormer medicine.

Hence, this is one of the best medicines for cat owners. Also, this is in the liquid form hence, it becomes easy to be fed as well. This non-toxic homeopathy formula can also be used to detoxify the digestive system of your cats.


9. Excel Liquid Roundworm De-Wormer For Cats

Excel Liquid Roundworm De-Wormer For CatsIf your cat is suffering from large roundworms, then using the Excel Liquid Roundworm De-Wormer for Cats can solve your problem. As per many buyers, this medicine is an effective liquid dewormer.

Also, the taste of this liquid dewormer is pretty good hence; feeding the cats would not be an issue. So, these are some of the best dewormers that can be used to treat your pets when they are suffering from digestive system issues.


Benefits Of Best Cat Dewormers

There are a lot of benefits of keeping a dewormer medicine handy at home because you would never know when your cats might need them. After all, your cat’s well-being is your responsibility. Take a look at how these medicines help to keep cats healthy.

Reduce Irritation

At times, you might see your cats acting strange. Sometimes they start rolling on the carpets. This may be because of the poop sticking to the fur, anal irritation, allergy or parasites.

Since this is one of the most common symptoms of worms in cats; you can quickly pull out the dewormer and feed your cat. This can reduce the irritation caused by the worms and relieve your cats.

1. Soothes Digestive Tract

Dewormer is given to get rid of worms in the digestive system of cats. Some medicines also heal and soothe the cat’s digestive tract and help in overall health.

2. Prevents Worm Infestation

It is important to deworm your cat as sometimes excessive infestation of worms can get serious. It can result in chronic diarrhea that can lead to bloodstains.

3. Deworming Kittens

Sometimes kittens get infected from their mother if she is not dewormed. Hence, pregnant cats must also be dewormed for the good health of their unborn kittens. This way the parasites won’t pass on to the kittens through mother’s milk.

Intestinal Health Issues

Senior cats can develop intestinal problems if they get infected with parasites. So, to avoid this risk, adult cats must also be dewormed.

4. Deworm Regularly

Deworming cats at regular intervals is good for your cat’s health. It is better to take preventive measures than taking action when the problem starts. Usually, it is suggested to give deworming medicine bi-weekly or monthly.

How To Use A Dewormer

A lot of people fail to understand this properly and end up using the wrong methods while deworming their cats that results in various side-effects. Hence, it is important to have a clear understanding of the deworming process.

When giving oral medication liquid or pills, never place it where your cat can see it. You need to be very careful and treat the kitten or cat the same way as you give medicine to a baby by bundling her up, holding safely and keeping her head in a suitable tilted position.

Allow the cat to swallow the medicine calmly. Be calm and let her close the mouth. If need be, rub her throat so that she swallows the medicine easily. Don’t leave the cat unattended till you are sure she has swallowed the medicine.

Ensure, the cat doesn’t choke so if you are not sure about giving medicine, ask for help from an experienced friend or visit a vet. Once the cat has swallowed the medicine, pamper and praise her just like we treat our kids.

More Pointers On Cat Deworming

1. Get The Right Product

The first and the foremost step to follow during deworming is to buy the right product. When you have the right bottle or pack of dewormer, you are done with one important step of the deworming process. If you make a mistake here, it can lead to major issues later.

2. Read The Label And Instructions

Every product would come with an instruction manual for sure and the same applies to the dewormer product as well. There would be instructions given with the box. You should read it thoroughly and have a clear idea of the ingredients used. Some of the cats may be allergic to a particular ingredient, so be informed and act wisely.

3. Talk To Your Vet For Proper Guidance

You can always choose to talk to your vet and seek expert guidance from them on how to use deworming medicine. This is important for new cat owners.

4. Watch A Lot Of Online Videos

There are a lot of online videos made by people who have cats. Watching videos on deworming can also help you get a clear picture.

5. Read Articles On How To Deworm Your Cats

There are numerous articles written online by experienced cat owners on various aspects of deworming your cats like the best roundworm treatment for cats or the best tapeworm medicine for cats. It is wise to gather information from reliable sources.

6. Observe Your Cat After Deworming

Once the deworming process is completed, you must observe the behavior of your cat and also repeat the process as suggested by your vet.

Steps To Prevent Worm Infection In Cats

1. Keep A Tab On What They Eat

As already mentioned, kittens are hyperactive and they love to roam around freely. During such times, they may end up consuming things that are already infected or even binge on insects that can lead to severe infection. Hence, keeping a watch on what they eat all day long is highly important for cats.

2. Keep Them Indoors

It is always recommended to keep your cats indoors as much as possible. It is not that a cat that stays inside will not get infected, it is just that the chances of getting infected become less. So, you can reduce the chances of infection in cats to a greater extent by keeping them indoors.

3. Give Them The Right Food

When you are feeding your cat, you must make sure to give them food that can be easily digested. They should not be fed with anything that can increase the risk of worms.

So, speak to your vet and get food according to his recommendation that can strengthen their immune system. Cats with stronger immunity have lesser chances of getting affected by any sort of infections easily.

4. Buy The Right Deworming Medicines

There are a lot of deworming products that are available in the market today. You can check with your veterinary doctor and give the best cat wormer product as recommended. You can also read trusted sites to know about them.

5. Keep A Tab On The Stools

Stools are the best indicator of worms in cats. If you observe an unusual bowel habit or if there is discoloration, patches or white spots in the stools, immediately report it to the veterinarian. The whole worm or sections of it can be traced by the feces. Hence, keeping a tab on the stools of your cat is a good option.

6. Fleas Are To Be Kept At Bay

If you notice ticks and fleas, don’t delay in using the right medicines or powders that can help your cat get rid of them. If fleas are found in excess then it is good to prune their fur. One can also choose to use the flea combs to keep the cats flea-free.

7. Make Sure To Tidy Your Homes

Kittens normally have been known to have childish behavior, and they quickly pop in or nibble anything that is eye-catchy. During such times, the chances of coming in contact with disease-causing worms and insects are high. Hence, keeping the home neat and tidy is very important.

8. Take Them To A Veterinarian

If you observe any unusual behavior in your cat, it is wise to take them to a nearby veterinarian. If the treatment is delayed, the situation can sometimes get worse. Hence, using the best worm medicine for cats is the most important preventive measures to be taken to keep your cats free from infections.

9. Try Not To Treat The Worms On Your Own

Giving deworming medication to a cat may sound easy; however, you must first learn the entire process and only then proceed with it. It is better not to take any risk if you are not sure about the process. Consult a vet!

Worm infestation can affect your cat severely if ignored; common ones being roundworms, tapeworms, and hookworms.

With the information in this write-up about signs to look for, how to deworm cats and the best deworming medication, you surely will be able to take the right steps for the well-being of your feline friend.

If you are a cat owner, you must take preventive measures and follow effective ways to treat worms in cats. There are a lot of deworming products that can be used to help your cat recover from an infection or to prevent it.

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