Fact: Cats make over 100 sounds

Steve Murphy

Cats make about 100 different sounds. Dogs make only about 10. So how else do cats communicate?

Different methods of communication used by cats include postures, movement (including “quick, fine” movements not generally perceived by human beings), noises and chemical signals. The natural communications made by cats have also been effected by domestication of cats.

  • Kittens tend to meow, especially as a way of communication to their mother.
  • Adult cats don’t meow back, though they do purr a lot. (And even more if you’re being super cuddly). Domestic cats purr in a frequency of 25 to 150 vibrations per second.
  • It was thought until recently that only cats purred… but it has also been proven that big cats such as Tigers, Lions, Jaguars and Leopards pur, but only whilst exhaling.
  • When aggressive or threatened cats will hiss or growl, with a really angry face of course! When hunting their prey, some cats may also make a chirping sound.
  • A “caterwaul” is the cry of a cat in estrus (also known as “in heat”).

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