How Catnip Affects Cats : Infographic


Catnip is a member of the Mint family Labiatae, known for its curious ability to make cats high. Don’t panic though if you’re cats acting a bit strange, its actually ok and won’t hurt them! We’ve created this friendly infographic to help you learn a bit about what catnip is, how it affects cats and […]

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Indoors vs. Outdoors Cats


The debate still goes on: should I keep my cat indoors or outdoors? Or maybe I should allow my cat both? This article will explain the pros and cons of both ideas and finally put an end to this dispute. To start off, these are the factors that outdoor cats live with: An outdoor cat’s life expectancy […]

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What does the body language of my cat mean?

Have you ever wondered what your cat’s trying to tell you with its body language? If so, what does it mean? Well, here’s your chance to know with these classic cat characteristics! Kneading This is a trait that you’ll find in all cats. It involves the feline pushing its paws into a gentle surface, changing […]

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Top 5 Cat Breeds 2014

From a 2014 poll, results were brought forth to show Australia’s top 5 most favourite cat breeds. The winners of the poll were: #5 The Siamese: These cats can be verbally demanding, but don’t let that fool you; they are also very affectionate, loving and social. This breed can be at times nervous, and are […]

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Big Cats


In many parts of the world, there is only one creature that commands fear and respect among all living things: Big Cats – the mightiest land predators that ever walked this Earth. Did you know? Most of the world’s 5000 or so tigers not in captivity are Bengal tigers; there are some 3500 to 4500 […]

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