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Best Cat Trees of 2020 – Reviews & Buying Guide

1. Go Pet Club

The Tall 62” Cat Tree by Go Pet Club


2. Go Pet Club

The Super Tall 72” Tree by Go Pet Club


3. Armarkat


A cat is an adorable and furry bundle of joy. It is a sweet companion and one of the most lovable pets one can have. Most cat lovers will attest that their feline friend is just like a family member sometimes even more.

Similar to other pets, cats too crave attention and shower unconditional love in return which is what makes them one of the favorite pets, one can have.

Cats are possessive about their individual space and privacy, and most of them will have at least one favorite corner in the house where they can spend some quiet time with themselves. The best cat trees offer the utmost privacy to your kitties, and you can save your furniture from scratches of your cats with these accessories.


Feature-rich cat trees not only have multiple platforms and condos for kitties, but they also provide a safe zone for your pets. Cats can spend time, play with the stairs or different platforms of the cat trees, and they can take rest in their own condos.

Cats, unfortunately, are also fond of scratching your sofa and other furniture, which is more of a biological need for them than a need to destroy things around them.

It goes with their hunting instincts, to keep their claws clean and sharp, ready to use whenever needed. It is often not welcome by most home-owners as there can be traces of cat fur all over your sofa and upholstery and would also damage the furniture.

What Are Cat Trees?

Luckily nowadays, there are solutions available to let a cat enjoy its natural instincts for scratching things while feeling completely at home. Moreover, these structures also help a cat relax and enjoy its own private space, without coming in your way while you are working at home.

These wonderful, well-designed structures are called cat trees and high-quality carpeting materials for these trees are more reliable than the faux fur materials that can make your feline friend more uncomfortable.

Cat trees are available in many unique models with special features that are all designed around making a cat comfortable and ensuring it has a great fun time while playing on the cat tree or relaxing on one.

Most of them have small condos, inside which a cat can sleep or just lie around peacefully when it’s not doing anything. So you can now buy the best cat condos to get the perfect resting place for your pet.

Why Do Cats Need A Cat Tree?

While cats can be comfortable in almost any surroundings, it’s always a better idea to have a designated corner for them. This designated space has many distinct advantages both for us and them. For us, it helps organize all the cat’s requirements be it food, water or cleaning up.

Cats have an impulsive mind and they tend to scratch the furniture to fulfil their urge. In that case, cat trees can engage your kitties in a particular zone, and they will not target your furniture anymore.

So you can save your assets and give a private place to your kitties by placing such cat trees in your home.

Factors To Look For When Buying The Best Cat Trees

While it is clear, on why it is important to have a cat tree at one’s home, just buying any model will not do. You can choose from various colors and select the one that will blend very well with the rest of your décor.

One need’s to carefully consider its usage and other factors, such as the number of cats who will use the cat tree, to the space available in one’s home, etc. Other important points to consider while buying a cat tree are its durability and budget, etc. as explained below.

1. Design

The design of a cat tree is an important factor both for you and the cat, you are buying it for. From your perspective, the cat tree needs to go well with the interiors of your house and not stand out as an object that has been placed without a thought in the room.

From the cat’s viewpoint, it needs to have a friendly design that it will be comfortable to play with and stay in. Cat’s safety also needs to be considered, so there should be no sharp edges, fragile perches, etc. in the cat tree.

It also needs to be easy for the cat to use with easy accessibility to all the different levels and activities built-in the cat tree. Your cat can find the best forms of entertainment in this specialized furniture for cats.

2. Size

This is something you need to carefully consider after accounting for all the space you have in the house and the existing layout and placement of all your furniture. A too small or too big cat tree will be unfavorable as it can create difficulty for the cat due to its weight and body posture.

Another important factor while considering the size of the tree is the number of cats you have in the house, as you will need to ensure that there is adequate comfortable space for each of them to claim as their own.

3. Height

Cat trees are available in different heights, right from really short ones that are just 2 ft in height to the tall ones that stand up to 7 feet tall.

If you don’t have delicate ceiling fixtures, that you wouldn’t want your cat to touch accidentally, then you should consider going in for a tall tree. You can assemble the cat trees as per the directions given in the instruction manual, if you buy an adjustable/folding tree.

4. Levels & Condos

The more levels your cat tree has, the better because then it becomes the ideal resting place for your cat. It also helps the cat to nurture an individual space and territory. Similarly, consider the number of condos it has, with each condo being marked for the usage of a single cat.

5. Scratching Surfaces

A very crucial requirement, scratching posts or points should definitely be a part of the cat tree. The more scratching posts, the better as cats may get bored of using the same surface every time.

Just make sure that the scratching surface is made of natural soft materials so that they do not end up hurting themselves.

6. Toys

Toys are important to keep your cat occupied and also give them some much needed exercise when they play with them. Toys could be something as simple as a rope hanging down the cat tree to furry balls or toy mice. You can customize and also present a handmade toy to your furry friend.

7. Sturdiness

The first and foremost thing your cat tree needs be is sturdy to handle your cat or cats jumping on and off it frequently. The base of the cat tree needs to be stable and broad so that it does not tip over accidentally when they are playing with the cat tree or on it.

Most manufacturers suggest placing the cat trees next to a wall, with some even offering a safety strap that can be attached to the wall.

8. Material

The strength of the cat tree and its durability depends on the material it is made of. While plywood is a very popular material, some cat trees are made of compressed board. These boards too are very popular and have been tested to be strong enough for daily usage over long periods.

Some cat trees also come with a faux fur finish to provide warmth and comfort to the cats during winter. Single or double layers of memory foam cushion can also be a great option for your cat.

9. Assembly

Just remember that you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to be able to put together your cat tree. It should ideally have all the parts neatly labeled with clear instructions on how to assemble it.

A good cat tree shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes to assemble and should have all the necessary tools included with it to help you assemble it.

10. Budget

Good cat trees with all the essential features and long lasting durability may cost a little more than standard cheap ones, but they prove to be more beneficial in the long run.

A cat tree is not something that one buys daily, so you should look at it, more as a long time purchase and something that will earn you the appreciation and love of your cat.

The budget of a cat tree usually depends on its height and size, the type of material used to make it, the fabric used to cover it and the number of condos & levels it has. The cat tree should be light and not excessive weighty, however, this depends on whether you have a medium-sized or a large-sized cat.

Once you are clear about the type of cat tree that will suit your requirements, you could start looking for them in pet stores or online marketplaces. Some of the best cat trees can be found online, with retailers even offering free delivery services.

Top 20 Best Cat Trees 2020

1. The Tall 62” Cat Tree by Go Pet Club

Go Pet Club Best Cat TreesIf you are looking for a tall and sturdy tree for your cat, then this is definitely one of the best buying options available in the market. Not only is this cat tree strong and durable, since it is made of compressed wood, but it also has a Faux Fur finish that will keep your cat warm and comfortable.

All its perches have a raised edge that ensures your cat will not fall off from the tree while having a nap or when it is relaxing. This tall, durable and easy-to-use cat tree also offers your cat a complete view of the house and helps it protect its territory and privacy.

Designed more like a condo, it has different levels for your cat to relax and play with. This cat tree also has sisal-covered posts for your cat to scratch its claws and exercise. This cat tree has thousands of happy buyers on Amazon.


2. The Super Tall 72” Tree by Go Pet Club

The Super Tall 72” Tree by Go Pet ClubIf you’ve got more than one cat, then this cat tree is an ideal choice with two condos and multiple elevated levels for your cats to relax and enjoy.

Cats are very particular about their individual space, so this tree is perfect. It gives the perfect resting place for the cat’s paw since your cat gets to relax on its own elevated platform, which is also covered with Faux Fur for their comfort and safety. Its black color makes it attractive.

This cat tree is lined with sisal rope on its posts to give your cats a sturdy place to scratch their claws and exercise, which is necessary for their growth. The tree also has a ladder and hanging toys to give your cats hours of fun and enjoyment, while playing with them. Over 75% buyers found this cat tree worth buying.


3. Classic Style Cat Tree By Armarkat

Classic Style Cat Tree By ArmarkatThis is a well designed and sturdy cat tree which can be comfortably placed in one of the corners of your house for your cats to play and relax in all day long. All the posts of this tree have been covered with 100% cured sisal, so no matter how often your cats use it, it will still be usable for a long time.

The product is so natural looking and comfortable for cats that it has received thousands of positive reviews from customers. What make it even more attractive is its stability and the ability to house even big cats, no matter what their size.

You just need to follow the easy step-by-step instructions to have the tree assembled and ready within minutes.


4. Tough Tiger Cat Condo With Busy Box

Tough Tiger Cat Condo With Busy BoxThis cat condo is full of activities to keep your cats busy and entertained. It comes with a well-designed busy box that has two small balls for your cats to play with, when they are not relaxing on its multi-level perches.

This cat condo comes in multiple color choices, and it also contains a dangling rope and puffball toys along with an IQ busy box to engage the cat in brainly activities.

The condo is covered with plush faux fur that is very comfortable for cats to sleep or play in when they are awake. You can easily maintain and clean the condo. It uses sisal fiber for all the scratching posts, which is durable enough to be used for many years.


5. Special Brown Condo House By Go Pet Club

Special Brown Condo House By Go Pet ClubIf its style and comfort that you are looking for, then this is one cat tree you can consider for your cat. Designed in earthy browns, this cat tree goes well with all sorts of colors, making it easy to place anywhere within your house.

Strong and durable, this cat condo is made of premium quality pressed boards and faux fur that are very safe and long lasting. You can go through the assembly instructions to make it easier for the cat to rest in the best possible way.

Compact in size and not very tall, it has been designed as a complete entertainment unit for your cat, with ladders to climb, multiple platforms and a hanging toy too, for hours of entertainment and fun.


6. Multi-Level Cat Playpen With Activity Center By BestPet

Multi-Level Cat Playpen With Activity Center By BestPetThis is a gigantic cat tree house, especially for households that have more than one cat. Multiple cat owners will realize the true value of giving each cat its individual space and territory, a requirement this cat tree perfectly fulfills.

With two condos, multiple different sized levels and two creatively designed ladders, this is one of the best cat trees for multiple cats. Moreover, it’s very sturdily designed, with thick tubes covered with natural material that your cat can scratch on for as long as it wants.

The easy-to-install condos are big and spacious to accommodate even the largest cats comfortably making it the best choice for them. This multi-level cat tree is also available in different color options.


7. Sleek 51” Cat Tree Condo & Scratch Post By Yaheetech

Sleek 51” Cat Tree Condo & Scratch Post By YaheetechSturdiness and anti-toppling fittings make this one of the best cat condos, which is also very popular with many cat lovers. Designed to be sturdy and strong, this cat tree has 3 different perches placed on top, to give your cat a nice view of your house and also its territory.

It encourages cats to scratch and sharpen their claws, a natural instinct and stress reliever for cats with its posts that have been coiled with sisal rope. This cat tree has two small condos with a plush covering that is also skin friendly.

It is perfect for small and medium sized cats but might a bit uncomfortable for big cats. Its streamlined design and high-quality scratching pads and surface add to the beauty of your house by blending well with the interior.

It also comes with a safety strap that you can attach to the wall for extra stability. It has many positive Amazon reviews.


8. The Sleek Cat Tree By Vesper

The Sleek Cat Tree By VesperLook at this option if you are looking for the best cat furniture, that is very simple to look at but also practical to use. This wooden finish cat tree is very innovatively designed and features a comfortable cube cave, two spacious platforms and designated scratching areas for your cat to have fun.

It even has a rear exit for your cat to use, when it wants to avoid undue attention, and enjoy its privacy. The cat tree also offers a spacious top perch that serves as a beautiful and top-level observation deck for your cat.

Memory foam that retains its shape has been used inside the cubes to give your cat a comfortable night’s rest and well-deserved privacy.


9. Large Cats Multi-Level Cat Tree By Feandrea

Large Cats Multi-Level Cat Tree By FeandreaThis premium luxury cat tree designed with a particle board is made to ensure the best moments for the comfort and privacy of your cat. This tree easily houses small kittens as well as large cats within its condos and perches.

The multiple levels with plush fabric covering gives each cat its individual space to play and relax. These cat trees are specially designed for stability and have anti-toppling fittings included.

It is one of the best cat trees, that has an extra large scratching board for your cats exercising and play needs due to which it has received positive reviews from more than a thousand customers out of which more than 85% people have given it.


10. The Big Cats Tree With Built-In Hammock By Feandrea

The Big Cats Tree With Built-In Hammock By FeandreaYes, that’s right, this cat tree does feature a built-in hammock for the ultimate luxury and playful activities of your cats. Very stylishly designed, this cat tree does not compromise on its quality and sturdiness.

The stability of the tree is reinforced by using certified natural particle board; and most importantly, there are no sharp edges or angles that can harm the cat.

This cat tree offers padded perches for your cats comfort when it is lying on the tree, spacious comfortable condos for their privacy and a good night’s sleep.

It also has fun accessories, such as a hanging rope and fur balls for your cat to play with. The well-arranged scratching posts are a welcome feature and most useful to stop your cat from scratching on your house furniture.


11. Elegant Cat Tree Condo and Scratcher By Go Pet

Elegant Cat Tree Condo and Scratcher By Go PetIf it’s your cat’s comfort you are worried about and are confused whether she will like the cat tree or not, don’t look any further. You can rest assured that your feline friend would love this cat tree that has been lined with faux fur for the comfort and safety of your cat.

Made with wood, it is also quite strong and sturdy making it suitable for large and heavy cats too. It is a spacious and comfortable condo where she can enjoy all throughout the year.

The posts are covered with natural sisal rope, which is ideal for scratching by cats and doesn’t damage their claws. The cat tree comes in an easy to assemble package and includes all the tools you need to assemble it within a few minutes.


12. Stylish XL Size Cat Tree By Amazon Basics

Stylish XL Size Cat Tree By Amazon BasicsUtility with style is how we would describe this beautifully designed cat tree. Available in neutral colors that go well with the décor of any house, this cat tree takes up very little space to assemble. It has different levels for your cats to relax and play.

Cats are impulsive and they tend to sharpen the surface with their nails. They can scratch and remove the dead layers from your furniture. But, with this cat tree, you can give a personal space to your pets and they can spend quality time on their own zone without damaging your exclusive furniture.

The cat tree uses natural jute fiber ropes on the posts to satisfy your cat’s instinctive scratching needs. The plush carpeting on the platforms and inside the condo is safe for the cats to play and lie down in when they want to relax in their own private space.

This cat tree is designed with natural sisal and sturdy chipboard which will last longer.


13. Playful Cat Tree By Amazon Basics

Playful Cat Tree By Amazon BasicsMultiple layers and platforms to play of these best cat trees can fulfill the urge of scratching of your cats. This cat tree is the perfect choice for cats whose are usually very active.

The uniform streamlined design, with natural color options also make this cat tree attractive and beautiful enough to place anywhere within your house, where your cats can access it easily.

It also features a very stable and comfortable top perch for your cat to claim as its territory and keep a playful watch on your house. The cat tree also has an easy to access condo, where the cat can enjoy its privacy and take rest on the various platforms of this cat tree.

With the ladders and soft furry toys, this tree can give easy access to your cats where he or she can spend quality time. This cat tree is also very strong and durable as it is made of sturdy chipboard materials.


14. Designer Multiple Activities Cat Tree Condo By Bewishome

Designer Multiple Activities Cat Tree Condo By BewishomeThis is one cat tree that your cat will never be bored from, as he or she has plenty of things to play with and even a hammock to relax. Designed with a lot of space, this cat tree can comfortably house 2-3 cats, both big and small, while letting each of them have their individual space and privacy.

A strong base and good quality construction of this at tree ensure that you never have to worry about it toppling over. This cat tree also comes along with a safety strap that you can attach to the wall for added security.

All the platforms and condos are covered with an extra soft plush material which will give the warmth to your pets.


15. The Leafy Tree By On2Pets

The Leafy Tree By On2PetsThis is a cat tree that actually looks like a natural tree, designed with leaves and branches. Now you can satisfy your cat’s instincts to climb up on trees within a safe and secure environment inside your house.

You can easily assemble this 35 pounds cat tree within 15 minutes, and you do not need to buy any additional tools for that.

This cat tree is sturdy and built aesthetically with pressed wood and artificial leaves to satisfy your cat’s intrinsic needs to scratch, play, jump and relax within its territory.

The hidden platform of this tree can allow you cat to climb up the tree and take rest in his or her hidden chamber. The tree has a very strong stable base with artificial silk turf base and three perches that have been carpeted for your cat to sit on or sleep.


16. XL Cat Tree With A Feeding Bowl By Feandrea

XL Cat Tree With A Feeding Bowl By FeandreaThis is a complete all-in-one cat tree that features a very unique detachable feeding bowl for the comfort of your cat at feeding times.

This very innovatively designed cat tree also features a hammock for your cat to relax in when it’s bored with the two spacious condos and multilevel padded plush covered perches. The top perch even features a raised edge for your cat’s additional safety.

The XL Cat Tree also has plenty of playthings to keep your cat busy, and this tree is designed with CARB certified natural particle boards.

Anti-topping fittings of this tree will provide additional safety to your cats. It also features a reinforced base plate for extra sturdiness, and it has multiple napping zones such as funny hammock, large condo and few cozy baskets.


17. The Play House Cat Tower & Condo by Bewishome

The Play House Cat Tower & Condo by BewishomeCat lovers, who have more than one cat in their house, can try this cat tower. This cat tree has multiple features and its different platforms an easily accommodate more than 2-3 cats.

Two big condos, five individual well carpeted perches, multiple scratching posts, and a hammock make this one of the best cat towers for your feline friend to relax.

Built more like a castle, this cat tree also has a very sturdy design and comes with a safety strap that one can attach to the wall for extra sturdiness and safety.

Your cats can also enjoy their own territorial space without stepping into the private space and scratching your exclusive furniture. Plush materials of this tree can give a soft and comfortable touch to your kitties.


18. The Secret Tunnel Cat Tower By Bewishome

The Secret Tunnel Cat Tower By BewishomeIf you are looking for a luxury cat tree that is also easy to assemble, then this is a model that you should consider.

Many reviewers on Amazon have appreciated this quick to assemble package and the different features of this tree can provide enough space to your kitties. The secret tunnel built below one of the perches for the cats to explore and laze in.

It is one of the best cat towers that can easily accommodate more than one cat, in case you are thinking of getting another one. Your cats can easily climb up on the different platforms through ropes and strong base, and the wall anchor strap will protect them from sudden accidents.


19. Nova 53 Inches Kitty Pet Play House

Nova 53 Inches Kitty Pet Play HouseHere’s a cat tree designed to be a comfortable home to your cats when they want to relax and a multi-activity center when they are in a playful mood.

One of the best cat trees, it is as spacious as a castle and can easily accommodate 2-3 medium sized cats. Multiple scratching points connected with sisal ropes can give you enough opportunity to sharpen their claws and they do not even look at your furniture.

The sisal covered posts, offer the perfect avenue for cats to scratch their claws and mercifully leaving your furniture alone. This cat tree is made from high quality particle board and also covered with plush materials to ensure your cats can feel comfortable.

This well-designed tree looks more like a work of art and can be placed in any room of the house.


20. Feature-Rich, Multi-level Cat Tree Condo By Bewishome

Feature-Rich, Multi-level Cat Tree Condo By BewishomeIf you want something big and grand for your cat then you should take a look at this cat tree which also comes with two well designed baskets, condos, multiple platforms, sisal scratching points and two hideaway houses. . This cat tree also offers plenty of activities for your cat to keep itself occupied, right from climbing up its different levels to playing with the furry balls.

Its sleek tall construction will please your cat, as it sits on the topmost perch and enjoys the view of the surroundings.

Two spacious houses designed with windows and enough lounging room can give your kitty a private place for complete relaxation. The sturdiness and build of this cat tree has received many positive reviews from the customers who have purchased it on Amazon.


How Cat Trees Provide Better Relaxation To Your Kitties?

1. Their Personal Space

Cats like most animals, often mark out their territories and guard it ferociously, if any other animal or pet enters that area. The best cat tree gives them an opportunity to claim and guard their personal space and ensure other pets or cats do not intrude into their private space.

2. An Exercise Zone

Cat trees are usually tall vertical structures with steps and posts set up within them for the cat to climb up and down. This gives the cats the much-needed exercise and ensures that they are fit and healthy, for which you can try out the best cat furniture.

An alternative to this would be letting them out for which you may not have the time and would not be safe for them to venture out alone.

3. A Relaxing Zone

Cat trees are designed with the ultimate goal of giving the cats a comfortable and soft place to rest and relax when they are tired from all their fun activities or just want to laze around. They also have the best cat condo’s in which a cat can sleep and ensure it is not disturbed by other pets and even humans.

4. Scratching Post

This is one of the most important features, one will find in cat trees. In the absence of designated scratching posts, cats often end up scratching whatever they see around them. This could be your high end sofas, window drapes or even wooden chairs and tables.

There are some posts available in the market, which are wrapped with a sisal rope and facilitates cat’s clawing. A cat tree has many scratching posts that help a cat sharpen and clean its claws.

5. Safety

In the absence of a cat tree, cats could end up lying all around the house or accidentally come in your way when you are walking around. This could be a safety risk with either of you getting hurt.

Alternatively, you may even let them out of the house for their exercise and daily routine. This could be dangerous and unsafe for them to loiter around. So you can go through durable and pet-friendly furniture that are available in different designs and configurations.

Some of the best cat trees available in the market have a very strong and sturdy construction with enough playful elements, and you can place such cat trees in your indoor area to provide a private zone to your kitties.

Multiple levels, well-built condos and spacious perches are some of the elements you should look for in a cat tree. Also remember, that one of the most important features of a cat tree are its scratching posts since that is one thing your cat cannot resist, and they will scratch your furniture due to their impulsive attitude.

In the absence of good and sturdy scratching posts, your cat may end up scratching your furniture and ruining it. So, if you have a pet cat at home and wishes to see it comfortable and happy, then one must choose a durable cat tree with multiple platforms, condos and scratching post.

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