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Best Cat Food For Weight Loss 2020 – Reviews & Buying Guide

3. Hill’s Science Diet

Dry Weight Control Cat Food From Hill’s Science Diet


Without doubt, maintaining healthy weight is one of the most significant rules of leading a long and healthy life. This statement is true not only for humans, but for your beloved pet cats as well.

This is because most of the cat foods that we give to our cats are rich in carbohydrates, and they are often not able to burn all the fat content that they consume on a regular basis. This is where the need to find the best cat food for weight loss arises.

Like human beings, obesity is also a major problem among cats. Obesity can occur at any age, but it is more prevalent in middle age cats. If your cat is over-weight, or if you don’t want your cat to gain unnecessary weight, it’s important to choose for her the best diet cat food.


According to a research conducted by the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, more than 60% of the cats are overweight, and the number is only rising day by day rather than decreasing.

If your cat requires losing some weight, then a change in her diet and enhancement of activities in her daily routine are two best ways for making her lean and fit. If you are not sure, schedule an appointment with your veterinarian, as ask about the best cat food for overweight cats.

Remember, diet food for cats are not the same as that for humans, therefore it is highly required to strictly follow all instructions of your veterinarian who can help your cat to lose weight safely with the best diet as well as exercise.

Mostly, a veterinarian will set up a weight limit for the cat and give some suggestions about daily eating to ensure the cat is not losing weight very rapidly.

They may recommend some diet plans for your cat, or you can find a wide range of diet pet food options available in the market. This is a complete guide to know about the numerous options of pet food for weight loss and how to choose the best one.

Qualities Of The Best Cat Food For Weight Loss

  • High in Protein: Cats are carnivorous animals that require high dietary proteins. When compared to carbohydrates, fat and protein get converted into energy more efficiently. Since most of the weight-reducing diets have less calorie, it’s very important to ensure that the diet offers the required amount of required protein to avoid loss of muscle mass when your cat loses the body fat.
  • Satiating: Some of the studies have shown that protein assists a cat in feeling satisfied for a long time after each meal, which is a beneficial thing at the time of calorie restriction. This is the reason why a weight management diet of your cat should have at least 35-45% protein content.
  • More Fiber and Moisture Content: Best weight loss food for cats should have high fiber as well as moisture content. These ingredients help in preventing a cat from feeling hungry for a long time after a meal. Therefore, the veterinarian should recommend wet food for weight management rather than dry one.
  • Rich in Carnitine: Many researchers have scrutinized the role of amino acid carnitine in a cat weight loss program. This amino acid is present as a natural source in the cat’s muscle and is believed to turn fat into energy that can be effectively metabolized by the body efficiently. Therefore, when a cat’s diet is rich in carnitine, it can have some beneficial effects on the cat’s metabolism as well.
  • Low in Carbohydrates and Fats: Some amount of carbohydrates and fats is very important in a cat’s diet, but the demand for these two nutrients is very less in overweight cats. As compared to a maintenance diet, the best food for overweight cats is low in fats and carbohydrates.
  • Treats While on Diet: Yummy treats that you give to your cat usually makes up to 10% of your cat’s daily calorie intake. If you want to give your cat a treat, then you must select some natural, rich in protein options like some bites of plain and cooked chicken or even fish.

Remember, every time your cat begs for food, she just needs not attention and not actually food. Treats can be easily replaced with other enjoyable rewards like catnip, a toy or a rubber under the chin. Find things that please your cat, instead of making her happy with edible treats every time.

Factors To Look For When Buying The Best Cat Food For Weight Loss

If the reason behind your cat’s overweight is eating more food, then the solution is very simple. In most cases, it is beneficial to change her diet from regular diet to the best cat food for overweight cats.

These specialized foods will certainly offer few calories, but will include all the required nutrients to make sure that your cat receives a balanced diet, including proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals.

Here are a few factors that you must consider while choosing the best low calorie cat food:

1. Ingredients

As already mentioned, cats are carnivores, and their diet mainly consists meat. Their food should not contain ingredients like grains and their byproducts. As far as meat is concerned, it can be anything from red meat and poultry to fish. Organ meats like kidney, heart and liver of these species are also good ingredients of the best weight control cat food.

Most of the pet foods have water as their main ingredient, because cats naturally don’t drink enough water and their water requirement needs to be met with their food. Therefore, read the pet food’s label properly and give attention to the first three ingredients listed on it.

Key ingredients that best cat food includes are:

  • Animal protein
  • Animal fat, that is good for the cat’s coat, skin and brain
  • Good quality carbohydrates in small amount, as an energy source and for the balance of dietary fiber
  • Vitamins like A, D and E
  • Minerals like magnesium, calcium and phosphorus for good health
  • Omega 3 and 6, that boost immunity, develop brain, and make coat and skin healthy
  • Things to avoid include:
  • Pea protein
  • Fillers like corn, soy, potatoes and wheat
  • Unnamed sources of meat
  • Sugar, salt, preservatives, artificial colors and flavors
  • Allergens, like dairy, eggs, pork, beef and wheat

2. Source Of Ingredients

It is also important to find out the source of the ingredients used in the diet food of your cat. Contamination can be caused by a number of sources such as E. Coli, Salmonella, pesticides, metal, plastic, etc. Illegal use of diseased, euthanized or endangered species can also lower down the quality of your pet food.

Therefore, make sure that the food you are buying comes from a reputed brand, so that there is minimal risk of errors and contamination.

3. Cat’s Weight

If your cat has just a couple of extra pounds on her body, then you don’t need to worry much. Any diet food with low calories will do your job. But if your cat is extremely overweight or obese, then you would need a veterinarian’s recommendation to choose the best diet food for your cat.

4. Cat’s Age And Life Stage

Consider your pet’s age while choosing the cat food. Highly energetic kittens need more proteins, fats and calories as compared to adult cats. Pregnant and nursing cats also need food that is high in these nutrients.

Pet food must be appropriate as per the life stage of your cat, such as kittens need food for growth, gestating and lactating cats need food for nutrition, while cats in usual life stage need food for maintenance and weight management.

5. Your Cat’s Preference

Cat food is available in the market in different forms: dry, canned, and semi-moist, each having its own pros and cons.

  • Dry food doesn’t get crusty in the bowl, so that your kitty can nibble it throughout the day. They make an abrasive surface in your cat’s mouth, which is helpful in removing plaque from her teeth
  • Semi-moist food is tastier than dry food, but it dries out quickly and you can’t leave it in your cat’s food bowl for long
  • Canned food is the tastiest and most expensive. Since it may get spoiled, you need to refrigerate the unused food quickly

6. Water Content

Cats become dehydrated very easily, and they are in constant need of fresh and clean water. Cats with urinary tract or kidney issues need even more water to keep going. High water content will also be helpful in making your cat slimmer.

So, one of the most important factors to consider while selecting food for your cat would be its water content.

Dry food contains 6-10% of water, semi-moist food contains 35% of water, while canned food wins the race with 75% of water. Consider buying a cat water fountain if your cat prefers dry food.

7. Taste And Smell

If you are a cat owner, you already know that cats are fussy eaters and you can’t serve them any food that you like. One food that is the favorite of one cat may not even be liked by another.

That is why, you need to understand the taste buds of your kitty and choose the cat food accordingly. Trial and error is the only way to find out which food your cat likes the most.

8. Cost

Providing food to your pet is not a matter of few days. It is a long-time maintenance that you need to take care of. So, you need to find a cat food that comes at the best price without compromising your cat’s requirements and preferences.

Top 15 Best Cat Food For Weight Loss 2020

1. 9lives Best Dry Cat Food For Weight Loss

9lives Best Cat Food For Weight LossWith this amazing cat food, provide your cat with the tasty flavors of chicken as well as salmon that they will certainly love. It would be highly helpful in keeping her lean and healthy. 9lives lean & tasty dry cat food assists in maintaining a healthy weight and improving metabolism along with good lean muscle maintenance.

The food has great taste that your cat will love, and it contains all the healthy nutrition that will keep her healthy.

It has Omega 3 fatty acids that will certainly promote healthy skin and coat, and the premium quality proteins in it would support her muscle growth. Moreover, it has taurine that provides good heart and vision health.

It is available in five different flavors and seven different sizes. Fill your cat’s food bowl once in the morning, and she can keep nibbling on it all through the day.


2. Iams Proactive Health Weight Control Dry Cat Food

Iams Proactive Health Weight Control Dry Cat FoodIt is one of the best cat foods for weight loss that is rich in protein. It contains chicken that provides the required protein to support sturdy muscles and offer energy for playing.

The i-carnitine helps your indoor staying cat to lose or maintain healthy weight. The proprietary blend of fiber and beet pulp helps in decreasing the hairballs.

Keep the health of your cat best with this best weight loss cat food, as it reduces your cat’s weight slowly. The cat kibble is made from premium quality proteins like chicken and the turkey that supports your cat’s healthy diet and weight loss program.

The customized fiber blend also helps in supporting very healthy digestion system. So, if you are looking for a product that will support hairball care along with weight management, then this diet cat food is the one for you.


3. Dry Weight Control Cat Food From Hill’s Science Diet

Dry Weight Control Cat Food From Hill’s Science DietWhether your cat is overweight or you just want to keep your cat healthy and lean, this dry cat food for weight loss from Hill’s Science Diet offers your cat a tasty and best weight management system, along with the required nutrition.

It comes in a delicious chicken flavor that your cat will certainly love. The company claims that more than 70% of the cats have lost their weight within 10 weeks of starting it.

The food formulation is made with all-natural ingredients that offer the best quality protein to keep your cat fully satisfied with the meals and also maintain her lean muscle.

The food makes use of all high-quality ingredients that include chicken, salmon and lamb. The protein is the first ingredient that offers antioxidant benefits to boost her immunity.

In addition to that, they are made with some natural ingredients like vitamin, amino acids and minerals without any kind of artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.


4. Hairball and Weight Control Dry Cat Food for Adult Cats From Blue Buffalo

Hairball and Weight Control Dry Cat Food for Adult Cats From Blue BuffaloThis is a delicious and protein-rich cat food for stimulating weight loss in adult cats. It contains deboned chicken along with some wholesome veggies and grains.

It is formulated with all-natural ingredients to support the diet requirements of adult cats without any chicken by-products.

The carefully balanced calorie count in the food assists the indoor cats to maintain a healthy weight along with fibers that help in controlling hairballs.

The premium quality protein and the fiber present in it supports very healthy digestion, and the fat helps in maintaining a healthy weight.

Moreover, it contains all the essential elements that support strong immunity. A majority of its users have given it positive reviews, and their cats have received immense weight loss benefits using it.


5. TC feline Raw Cat Food Premix From TCFeline

TC feline Raw Cat Food Premix From TCFelineA powder supplement, when mixed with the raw meat, helps in forming a complete, natural, balanced and homemade cat food for weight loss. It is made in a way to support the natural diet of the cat.

It is a rapid, very easy, and affordable solution, that is added to raw meat along with water and egg yolk.

Available in with liver and without liver varieties, you can choose the one as per your cat’s taste preferences and your ease of making. When made, it mimics the nutrition content your cat gets from eating mice and voles. Undoubtedly, it is a complete meal for your carnivore pet.

Made in USA, it is tested for safety and purity, it is appropriate for cats in all life stages, and it contains no by products, fillers, chemicals, GMOs, grains, colors, flavors, preservatives or additives.


6. Grain Free Raw Cat Food Premix From Tcfeline With Beef Liver

Grain Free Raw Cat Food Premix From Tcfeline With Beef LiverThis is a complete, 100% natural premix to make homemade raw food for your cat, the nutrient content of which exactly matches that present in mouse. It serves as a quick and easy way to make best cat food for weight loss. Just add the premix to raw meat with water and egg yolk.

Crafted in USA, this product is completely free of grains, gluten, fillers, chemicals, and any artificial colors, preservatives or flavors. A trial pack is available in 4.2 oz size, while regular pack is available in 17oz size.


7. Keto-Kibble- Low Carb, High Protein, Grain-Free Cat Food from Ketogenic Pet Foods

Keto-Kibble- Low Carb, High Protein, Grain-Free Cat Food from Ketogenic Pet FoodsSince your cat does not require too much of starch and carbohydrates, this is a specially formulated cat food designed to meet your pet’s weight loss needs. This is one of the best weight management cat food formulations that is rich in nutrients like fat, protein and micronutrients helpful in boosting your pet’s overall health.

This no grain and no starch formulation is found to be helpful for obese and diabetic cats as well. With this cat food in their bowl, your cat will consume a high fat, protein and meat diet that would encourage strong teeth and bones and shiny coat.

If you are looking for a cat food for your pet that is rich in fat and protein, then this formulation from Ketogenic Pet Foods is just unparalleled.

Some of its primary ingredients are organic chicken, chicken meal, chicken fat, and beet fiber. All of these work together to maintain your cat’s weight, make her more active, and help her lose weight.

With more than double the protein content of most pet Foods, Keto-kibble gives a nutrient-rich meal that boosts metabolism and help her maintain weight. Available in 8 lb and 18 lb packs, you can choose the one as per your requirements and preferences.

Go for the smaller pack first, and then shift to the bigger one once you are satisfied with the results.


8. MeowMix Grain-Free Dry Cat Food

MeowMix Grain-Free Dry Cat FoodKeep your feline friend under weight limits with this Meow Mix Grain-Free Dry Cat Food. Made with wild salmon that gives top-notch protein, this feline nourishment creates a heavenly grain-free feast for your beloved pet.

It contains no fillers, no artificial colors or flavors, or any fake additives. This crunchy kibble is composed of basic nutrients that give 100% complete and balanced diet to your loved one.

Mix Grain-Free Dry Cat Food contains no grains, no fillers, and no artificial flavors. It also contains no wheat or corn and is free from chemicals, fake flavors, colors, and additives.

Give one bowl of the cat food in the morning and she can keep on nibbling on it the whole day. Alter the serving size as per your feline’s age, weight, life stage, and activity level.

When you initially start giving this food to your pet, mix it little at a time in your cat’s regular food. This would allow her to get used to the taste of the food, and then switch to it completely.

The product is available in two varieties, with wild salmon and with USA chicken. Available in 3, 6 and 13.5 lb bags, feel free to order it for complete nutrition of your beloved pet.

Meow Mix Grain-Free Dry Cat Food has been designed to meet the dietary levels built up by the AAFCO Cat Food Nutrient Profiles for All Life Stages.

This implies that the product has been sustained with ideal degrees of fundamental supplements to convey 100% complete and balanced diet for your feline partner.


9. Ultra Light Wet Cat Food From Royal Canin

Ultra Light Wet Cat Food From Royal CaninRoyal Canin is a trusted name in the industry of pet foods. This ultra-light feline food for adult cats is formulated to give your feline friend a long and radiant life with excellent weight management mechanism.

Containing fewer calories and a balanced mix of minerals and vitamins, it is extremely helpful in maintaining your cat’s health, weight and wellness. With 15% less calories than most other cat foods, this one improves metabolism and promotes more active lifestyle.

Furthermore, L-carnitine helps in improving digestion and using up consumed calories. Available in two different sizes, all these features make it the best cat food for weight loss.


10. Pack of 3 Ketogenic Pet Foods: Chicken, Salmon and Beef

Pack of 3 Ketogenic Pet Foods Chicken, Salmon and BeefEncourage long lasting ideal wellbeing for your pets with this pack of 3 varieties coming from the house of Ketogenic Pet Foods. The pack contains three different flavors of pet foods: chicken, salmon and beef.

It is a meat-based, fat-rich, natural protein food specially designed to meet nutrient needs of cats and dogs.

It is a starch-free and grain-free feline food this is planned with the wellbeing and prosperity of your pet as the primary concern. Carnivores like cats don’t require a starch-filled diet, and this starch-free formulation proves to be the best cat food for overweight indoor cats.

When you have all these three varieties, you can keep changing the flavors from time to time, so that your cat receives nutrition from all the three ingredients. Instead of giving the same old food to your cat time and again, this pack allows you to bring variety in your cat’s food bowl.

The variety of healthy oils and micronutrients in the food maximizes your cat’s nutrient value and restores her metabolism.

Since it is a low-carb diet food, it does not cause stomach related problems and weight gain in your cat. Instead, it helps your cat lose weight by providing her a high protein diet. Since it does not contain any starch and grain, it is a great food choice for diabetic cats too.

The meat-based formulations help in strengthening your cat’s bones and teeth and promoting a shiny coat. Fewer calorie value of the packs helps in reducing weight as well, thereby making it one of the best diet cat food formulations available out there.

So, if you are looking for a low-fat, high-protein feline food for your cat, this pack of 3 different varieties of cat food would be an ideal buy for you.


11. Keto-Treats – High Protein, Low Carb, Starch-Free Cat Food From Ketogenic Pet Foods

Keto-Treats - High Protein, Low Carb, Starch-Free Cat Food From Ketogenic Pet FoodsDo you want your pet food to be free of starches and artificial sugars that spike insulin and add to metabolic imbalance? If your response is yes, then you’ve good the right product here.

Like other Ketogenic Pet Foods items, Keto-Treats remains unmistakable in providing wholesome nutrition to your pets while promoting their health.

The product is completely void of any sugar, starch, corn syrup, or any artificial colors, flavors or additives. Keto-Treats is a raw meat-based treat that your pet will certainly adore. Coming in the form of dry discs, you have to break them apart and give little at a time initially.

Give your canine or feline friend the award of genuine nutrition with this pack of Keto-Treats. It is an extraordinarily healthy pet treat that is helpful in losing weight, boosting metabolism and improving digestion.

Available in Rabbit and Quail flavors, it makes the best weight management cat food in the market. It is an affordable cat food priced at less than $19.00 for a 4.9 oz pack.


12. Wet Cat Food Multipack From Applaws

Wet Cat Food Multipack From ApplawsThis is a healthy and tasty wet cat food that is free from any additives, fillers, preservatives and artificial flavors. It is a pack of 16 high protein cat food cans, containing 5 cans of chicken breast with cheese in broth, 5 cans of chicken breast with pumpkin in broth, and 6 cans of chicken breast in broth.

Each can contains 2.47 oz of the food, which makes it an affordable buy for the pet owners. Since the cans contain only 4 ingredients, there is nothing hidden in them and you know exactly what you are giving to your feline friend in food.

Rich in natural vitamins and animal protein, it is a wet food that your cat would find extremely delicious and delectable.


13. Prescription Diet r/d Weight Reduction Dry Cat Food From Hill’s Pet Nutrition

Prescription Diet r d Weight Reduction Dry Cat Food From Hill’s Pet NutritionConsidering the ill-effects of overweight in a cat’s life and lifestyle, this prescription diet from the house of Hill’s Pet Nutrition has been specifically formulated by veterinarians to help your pet lose weight. It claims to help your cat lose weight within 2 months of regular consumption.

As far as taste is concerned, this pet food is available in chicken flavor, which means that your cat has no reason to not like it. Available in 8.5 lb pack, it is a good buy for seriously over-weight cats.

It is helpful not only in managing weight of your cat, but also improving their overall health and activity level.

The product works by making your cat feel full for longer, metabolizing her fat, maintaining her lean muscle, and boosting her immunity to fight diseases. It is a perfect blend of L-carnitine levels, soluble and insoluble fiber, and antioxidants that help in achieving the desired results.


14. Prescription Diet Cat Treats for Weight Management From Hill’s Pet Nutrition

Prescription Diet Cat Treats for Weight Management From Hill’s Pet NutritionThis is a specially formulated cat treat food to reduce and manage weight of adult cats. It is an incredible supplement for cats that is delicious as well, so that your beloved pet will not run awy from it.

It is a perfect m/d Feline, r/d Feline or w/d Feline weight management solution for cats in different life stages. The product works by controlling hunger, keeping them full for long, and boosting their digestion and metabolism.

All in all, it proves to be a perfect solution for managing weight of your feline friends. However, introduce it gradually to your pet food and then switch to it completely.

The pack contains 12 bags of the treats, which you can use to give occasional treats to your pet too.


15. Weight Control Dry Cat Food with Chicken and Pea Recipe From WholeHearted

Weight Control Dry Cat Food with Chicken and Pea Recipe From WholeHeartedSuitable for all breeds of adult cats, this grain-free weight control dry cat food is extremely helpful in managing weight, providing nourishment, and boosting metabolism of your feline friends.

With double the fiber and half the fat content than most other pet foods available out there, this one is a perfect weight control formula with the richness of pea and chicken.

It contains L-carnitine that is helpful in metabolizing fat, and lamb protein that is helpful in maintaining lean muscle mass. The right mix of minerals and vitamins makes it the best cat food for weight loss. Available in 2.5 lb and 5 lb packs, it is an incomparable product in terms of cat nutrition and weight management.


How To Introduce Your Cat To The New Cat Food

Now that you have chosen the best weight loss food for your cat, you would want to know how to introduce it to her. Instead of switching your cat’s food all of a sudden, it’s better to let her acclimate with the new food gradually.

Mix some of the new food to the old food, increasing the quantity day by day. This happens for a week, after which you can switch the food completely. During this period, you will also get an idea about whether your cat is liking the new food or not.

Remember, healthy weight loss occurs slowly, and you should give your cat some time to get back in shape and become active again.

Just like humans, weight loss is not an easy task for cats either. By maintaining a healthy weight of your cat, you give her a healthier and longer life. All you need to do is to put some effort and give her the right food that she needs as per her life stage, age and weight.

Since cats are not so extrovert and they like the comfort of their indoors, they do not remain physically active all the time, due to which they do not need too much of fat and carbohydrates. Since they are carnivores, you don’t need to give them the goodness of grains either.

So, choose the best diet food for cats for her, and see how it can improve her overall lifestyle and well-being. If you are still not sure, consult veterinary healthcare team and ask for a recommendation.

For almost all cats, the secret for a successful weight loss program is dedication and a very concerned family. Cats can’t know that their overweight is causing them problem. It is her family and the veterinary team who can help her in achieving a good healthy body.

With the selection of the best cat food for weight loss, you can easily help her to get a healthy body with perfect weight and shape.

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