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Best Cat Treats of 2020 – Reviews & Buying Guide

1. Temptations

Classic Crunchy and Soft Cat Treats by Temptations


2. Purina Friskies

Party Mix Cat Treat Canisters By Purina Friskies


3. Greenies

Tuna Flavor Dental Treats For Cats By Greenies


Do you have a cat? If yes, isn’t it an absolutely joyful experience to see it play around? Cats are very sensitive creatures and they need to be well taken care of in order to make sure that they lead their life happily and healthily.

An important aspect of being a cat owner is to make your cat obedient and follow your instructions. As you train your pet to behave well, the best cat treats play a key role by serving as rewards and for pampering your pet once in a while.

So, interestingly cat treats for kittens and cats can help to improve their behavioral pattern. They can make your cat more obedient towards you; this is one trait which is normally not associated with cats.


Besides, there are various other reasons as to why treats would be a perfect option, when it comes to ensuring the overall wellbeing of your cat.

There is a wide range of cat treats available in the market, which makes it difficult for us to choose the best cat treats. Let us find out some useful tips to buy treats that won’t harm your cat’s health. You will also find a list of 20 best cat treats you can consider buying.

Factors To Look For When Buying The Best Cat Treats

As far as cat treats are concerned, you need to make sure they are balanced and healthy in terms of nutritional value. So, you need to buy treats that have the right balance of different types of essential vitamins, proteins and other important nutrients.

There are many other important aspects which you need to take into consideration before buying treats for your cat. Here are a few tips.

1. Stay Away From Soy, Wheat And Corn

When it comes to wild cats, they feed on meat, which is the primary source of protein for them. However, as far as house cats are concerned, they are used to a completely different type of diet. It needs to be mentioned that carbohydrates are not suitable for cats!

So, you need to be very careful while selecting a treat and make sure that it is devoid of all sorts of ingredients that have carbohydrates like soy, corn and wheat.

2. Added Sugar Is Harmful

There are many cat treats that contain added sugar and sweeteners. Make sure that you don’t buy them, as they are not good for your cat’s overall health. One of the major side effects which these treats pose is the fact that if they are fed on a regular basis, they are likely to cause diabetes.

Therefore, it is wise to stay away from those products which have sugar or any other kinds of sweeteners listed in the ingredients. Remember, if your cat gets affected by diabetes, it can prove to be absolutely detrimental for her. Sugar is also bad for her fur and skin health.

3. Say “No” To Artificial Preservatives And Dyes

Often, artificial preservatives are used in order to increase the product’s shelf life. There are chemicals used in these preservatives that can be very bad as far as your pet’s health is concerned. Here are a few of things which you need to look for and avoid.

Different types of artificial preservatives like BHA and BHT are commonly used in many cheap cat treats available in the market. It has been clinically proven that these two elements are carcinogenic, which means that they can cause cancer.

It is a very common practice to use glycerin in preservatives. However, the fact that glycerin is a by-product of petroleum; it can affect your cat’s health. Using artificial dyes in cat treats are also quite common. They are used to make the product look appealing but they can make your cat very sick.

4. Avoid Meat Meals And By Products

Different types of meat by products and meat meals are used for making cat treats. They are made from different parts of the carcass of animals like eyes, bones and others which are not meant for consumption.

According to a study, poor quality meat can prove to be harmful for the health of the cat! When it comes to best treats for cats, they are devoid of meat meals and by-products.

5. Added Sodium Can Be Fatal

Salt and sodium are not suitable for cats as both of them can cause severe dehydration in cats. Research has shown that even consuming sodium or salt, cats can be affected by dehydration which can lead to the growth of kidney stones.

This can be a very painful condition for your beloved pet. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you must have a good look at the list of ingredients in the cat treat which you wish to buy. If there is a mention of sodium or salt, look for other options which are devoid of these two items.

6. Essential Nutrients That Are Good

Here are some essential nutrients that must be present in your cats treat:

  • Protein: Cats require a significant amount of protein in their diet in order to sustain a healthy life. As far as Protein is concerned, there are different categories of them. When it comes to cats, they require extremely high digestible proteins.
  • Vitamin A, D and K are Essential: There has to be sufficient quantity of Vitamin A, D and K present in their regular diet. Vitamin A helps to improve their vision and at the same time boosts the immune system of the cats. Vitamin D helps in the process of bone development and growth, whereas Vitamin C helps to provide useful anti-oxidants.
  • Omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids: Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids are essential for cat’s heart and eye health. They help to keep her active, will ensure that her immune system remains strong, and she doesn’t fall sick.
  • Taurine: It is an amino acid that helps in keeping heart muscle, vision and reproduction system of cats in the best health. Therefore, you must read the labels and find the best cat treats that have sufficient amount of taurine.
  • Minerals: The cat food must contain calcium, chloride, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, potassium, selenium, zinc, and sulfur.
  • Fat and carbs: Like humans cats too need fats and carbs but in a very limited quantity only, ensure that the treats should have limited amount of fats and carbohydrates.

7. Buy Only Real Meat Based Treats

Many cat owners who are vegetarians keep their cats on vegetarian diet but it is not wise to do so, they must buy meat-based products too. Products that contain soy, corn, corn meals should be avoided as they may cause allergies in your cat. Best cat treats are made using fish, chicken, beef, turkey and other meats only.

8. Consult A Vet

Lastly, it is always advisable to get in touch with an experience vet before you decided on a particular brand. A vet, after conducting a couple of checkups on your cat would be able to recommend the best treat for your cat. There are different types of ingredients, which are used in cat treats.

If you are a new cat owner, you must ask your vet who would be able to figure which one would be the perfect option for your cat after considering her age, weight, food habits and general health condition.

More Tips For Buying The Best Cat Treats

Apart from the above-mentioned factors to look for, there are many other aspects that you must be aware of when buying treats for your cat. If you buy the right treat, it would help you train her better without harming her health. Here are a few more buying pointers.

1. Treats That Enhance Cat’s Life-Span

Like human beings, when it comes to determining the life-span as well as the vibrant nature of cats, it is the quality of food which plays a very important role.

Feeding your cat with snacks and food which do not contain sufficient essential nutrients and other important elements can significantly affect her health. Therefore, you must give her only the best quality healthy treats.

2. Reduction In Allergic Reactions

Cats are usually prone to allergies which can be caused as a result of the type of food they are fed with. At times, these allergies can prove life threatening! This is why cat treats made with natural ingredients must be preferred to ensure that your cat remains free from all sorts of allergies.

Kittens are the ones who need special care. They are more susceptible to different types of food reactions, which can lead to various other kinds of complications.

If you are looking for the best cat treats for kittens, in that case, instead of going for commercial treats give preference to cat treats that are less processed and made without artificial colors and preservatives.

3. Beautiful And Healthy Appeal

The way your cat looks speaks volumes about her overall health! Healthier look means that your cat is in good physical condition and is getting the required nutrients in sufficient quantity. Healthy cat treats are the best options available for you in order to ensure good behavior in cats without harming their health.

Some cat treats contain high quality protein, iron and other important elements which are essential for a cat to grow healthy and stay in a proper physical condition.

4. Healthy Skin And Less Hair Balls

Grooming of cats can often result in the growth of hairballs, which are not only harmful for you, but for your cat as well. If these hairballs are being swallowed in large volume, then your cat can experience breathing problems, indigestion and in severe cases she can suffer with blockage in her intestine.

By using best treats for cats, which are meant to control hair balls you can save her from hairball trouble. Similarly if you cat has joint issues, you can buy treats that have chondroitin and glucosamine.

5. Healthy Weight

The body weight of your cat is a very important aspect which needs to be taken into consideration while assessing her overall health. If your cat is underweight and she remains that way for a long period of time, in that case, you need to reconsider her diet.

By feeding her with the best quality cat treats, you can ensure that she maintains a healthy weight on a consistent basis. Make sure to buy the treats that are low in carbs and high in proteins.

6. Healthy Digestive System

Cats have the tendency of throwing up, especially when they have any issues with their digestive system. This can be quite fatal as far as her health is concerned and if not taken care of can prove to be life threatening!

If you find your cat throwing up on a regular basis, in that case, it is time to reconsider her diet! Switching to best treats for cats digestive system would just be the perfect options for you. They contain essential fibers and roughages, which ensure that you cat has a healthy digestive system running on a consistent basis.

These are some of the major aspects you must know about cat treats. However, you need to be careful while pampering your cat with them. You should choose your cat treats carefully and feed them in a moderate quantity only.

If you have made up your mind to go for cat treats, you need to get in touch with an experienced Veterinary Doctor, who would be able to educate you about various important aspects pertaining to the dosage of the treats because the quantity of food that has to be fed will depend on the age, size, weight and breed of the cat.

It is also essential that you opt for a quality brand which has a good reputation in market. If you are looking for the best treats for cats, the online stores can be a convenient option for you.

Top 16 Best Cat Treats 2020

1. Classic Crunchy and Soft Cat Treats by Temptations

Temptations Best Cat TreatsThis is one of the best cat treats available in the market in chicken flavor. It contains all the essential nutrients and minerals which required for cats. This cat treat is crunchy on the outside and creamy and soft on the inside which makes it delectable for cats.

As far calorie content is concerned, each treat contains less than 2 calories, which is perfect for your cat. This particular product is available in specially designed pack which makes sure that the contents inside remain fresh for a long time. With over 3500 reviews, this is Amazon’s Choice product with 5-star rating from 89% buyers.


2. Party Mix Cat Treat Canisters By Purina Friskies

Party Mix Cat Treat Canisters By Purina FriskiesIf you are looking for a healthy yet tasty option for your cat, in that case, this particular treat would be the perfect choice. One of its main ingredients is ocean whitefish, which are very rich in amino acid and Vitamin D. This particular product is available in 3 different flavors, i.e. crab, tuna and shrimp.

If you are worried about the dental hygiene of your cat, its crunchy texture will ensure her clean teeth. Each treat contains not more than 2 calories. You can buy 20oz or 30 oz canisters of these treats. More than 85% buyers on Amazon have given it a 5-star rating.


3. Tuna Flavor Dental Treats For Cats By Greenies

Tuna Flavor Dental Treats For Cats By GreeniesIf your cat is facing oral health issues, these treats are ideal as they avoid tartar built up. It has natural ingredients and also nutrients like vitamins and minerals to ensure dental health of your cat.

So if you want to avoid tartar buildup in cats, this treat is a must buy. It contains different types of natural ingredients and is free from harmful chemicals which result in side effects.


4. Delectables Crunchy Cat Treats By Hartz

Delectables Crunchy Cat Treats By HartzThis is a perfect choice if you are looking to treat your cat with in-between meal snacks. This particular product has dual texture and it is crispy on the outside and soft and creamy on the inside. It offers good nutritional value.

This gourmet treat for cats is ideal to reward them when they behave well. All varieties of these delectable treats are loved by cats. Apart from Tuna, it is also available in other varieties like grilled shrimp, grilled seafood and roasted chicken and seared tuna flavors.


5. Pure Salmon Fillet Dried Cat Treats

Pure Salmon Fillet Dried Cat TreatsThis product does not contain any artificial ingredients and is very rich in Vitamin C and E. Therefore, it is very good for skin, fur and eye health of your cat. It is freeze dried which offers maximum nutrition and flavor and is not processed at all.

Every single batch is dispatched only after a thorough quality check. It is available in different flavors and would be the perfect choice if you are looking for the best treats for cats.


6. Matatabi Chew Sticks By Meowy Janes

Matatabi Chew Sticks By Meowy JanesThis particular cat treat contains all the essential nutrients and minerals in right quantity. It is made of 100% natural ingredients and is devoid of all kinds of harmful chemicals which might pose side effects.

Cats love to play with these sticks that boost the level of energy in your cat and at the same time these treats offer relief from anxiety.

It is very helpful for regulating the digestive mechanism of your cat. These treats are very good for cats dental health and they help them keep their teeth and gums clean. Cat love them equally as they love Catnip.


7. Ciao Grilled Fillets In Broth By Inaba

Ciao Grilled Fillets In Broth By InabaIf you are looking for a cat treat which is devoid of grains, artificial flavor and preservatives, this treat would be the perfect option for you. This treat contains hand-cut grilled tuna in a yummy tuna broth.

It is highly rich in Vitamin E and also contains extracts of Green Tea, Collagen, Tapioca, and Guar Gum. It is a delicious, low carb treat that comes in form of grilled chicken fillet. The broth that will keep her hydrated.


8. Churu Pops Cat Treat By Inaba

Churu Pops Cat Treat By InabaThis is a creamy treat that has a chewy outer layer. It is very rich in protein and also contains useful antioxidants, which help to prevent the growth of free-radicals in the body. This is the best treats for cats if your cat is suffering from digestion related issues.

It is also easy to serve because you can simply squeeze it from the tube pack directly in your cats bowl or use as topping. These treats are also very high in moisture content so healthy for cats. No grains, no preservatives used in this treat.


9. Smartbite Hairball Control Tuna Cat Treat

Smartbite Hairball Control Tuna Cat TreatIf you are looking for something tasty and healthy that helps in reducing hairballs at the same time, this treat with dual texture has all that you need.

It is rich in protein and different types of vitamins which play a very important role in boosting the immune system in your cat. Several buyers have mentioned how this product helped their cats control hairball. So you can give it a try!


10. Cat Catnip Chewy Cats Molar Sticks Natural Silvervine by Vmiziv

Cat Catnip Chewy Cats Molar Sticks Natural Silvervine by VmizivThese healthy matatabi sticks will keep your cat stressfree. There are no preservatives so it is safe and also serve as dental hygiene sticks.

Your cat can play while benefitting from teeth and gums cleaning as it chews these Silver vine root sticks. It also makes the cat active and helps in gastrointestinal motility.

These sticks will make her playful and amusing. This mood will last for about 30 minutes. You can even reuse them after removing the part the cat has gnawed. If you are not sure that your cat will like it of not, buy a small packet.


11. Flavors Food Topper Treat Mix By Basics

Flavors Food Topper Treat Mix By BasicsThis product is 100% grain free and contains ocean whitefish as one of the main ingredients. The fact that it comes in powder form, makes it easy to serve. It is devoid of all sorts of synthetic or artificial flavor, preservatives or colors.

This cat treat does not contain wheat, soy, corn or rice. This is low-cal and low-sodium treat that are safe for cats. This product is considered as one of the healthy cat treats for your feline friend.


12. Delighitbles Center-Filled Gourmet Cat Treats

Delighitbles Center-Filled Gourmet Cat TreatsThis is a creamy and crunchy treat which comes in different flavors. It is very rich in protein and free from artificial preservatives, soy and corn. It is one of the best options available to you, as far as best treats for cats are concerned. The product has also received great reviews because cats love eating these delighitbles.


13. Jerkey Cat Treats Rabbit Recipe

Jerkey Cat Treats Rabbit RecipeAs far as diet for cats is concerned, carbohydrates should be restricted. This particular product is devoid of grains and hence is 100% carbohydrate free.

It is made of 100% rabbit neat which is known to have lean protein and it contains no harmful chemicals. They use only farm raised rabbits to ensure best quality meat.


14. Best Paw Pure Wild Alaskan Salmon Mini Nibs

Best Paw Pure Wild Alaskan Salmon Mini NibsThis cat treat contain extracts from Salmon fish and is very rich in amino acids and omega 3 and omega 6. Besides, it also contains different types of important Vitamins and other nutrients which are essential for your cat to sustain a healthy life.

This particular product is free from all sorts of added antibiotics, hormones and preservatives. These are ideal as training rewards.

This is also perfect if your cat is on weight control diet or is diabetic. It helps in overall wellness by fighting allergies and boosting metabolism apart from strengthening bones and teeth. It helps in digestion and improving skin and coat too.


15. Meaty Tender Sticks Salmon Flavor By Sheba

Meaty Tender Sticks Salmon Flavor By ShebaIf you are looking for healthy cat treats that are purely made of meat in that case, this can be your best option. Available in rich Salmon flavor, this particular cat treats available in stick form which makes it easy for cats to chew them.

It is rich in fibers and hence helps to boost the digestive system of your cat. It comes in a special packaging that keeps your sticks fresh all the time.


16. Hip & Joint Health Premium Soft Chews

Hip & Joint Health Premium Soft ChewsAvailable in delicious chicken flavor, this particular product is very rich in Vitamin D and helps to improve the strength of bones of your cat. It has proven to be very useful when it comes to promoting the health of joint and hip health of your cat. If your cat has arthritis or legs pain, you can try it.


These are some of the best products available in the market as far as cat treats are concerned. What makes them special is the fact that all of these products are free from artificial ingredients and hence are devoid of side effects.

Besides, they are also very rich in different types of nutrients and essential minerals which are required to ensure the overall well being of your cat.

What Makes Cat Treats A Healthy Option?

Cat treats that contain all kinds of essential nutrients and natural ingredients are a very healthy option. However, it needs to be taken care that these treats should be given in small proportions and not very often or daily. According to experts, cat treats should not be more than 10% of your pet’s everyday diet.

Home Made Cat Treats

If you want, you can prepare home-made cat treats quite easily. As far as ingredients are concerned, you can use fish, chicken liver or egg. If you are planning to prepare treats at home, in that case, it is recommended that you opt for organic products, which are devoid of any preservatives and harmful chemicals

In order to ensure that your cat lives the full quote of her life span in a healthy manner, it is very important for you to make sure that she gets to eat the right nutrients and other essential elements which are required for good health.

Home cat treats must be made with balanced and healthy ingredients which would help to promote the health of your cat. Preservatives, artificial colors, carbohydrate, salt and sodium; these are the ingredients to avoid.

Go for the ones which are rich in protein, taurine, omega 3 and vitamins. Cat treats that contain supplements ensure that your beloved pet remains free from diseases and lives a healthy and long life.

Most importantly, it is absolutely essential for you to feed her cat treats moderately. If your cat is overweight, then you must surely be more careful as to how often you should give her a treat.

Whenever you buy treats for cats, they must be devoid of all the harmful ingredients as discussed above. Also, buy treats from a reliable brand and of good quality natural ingredients.

If you give cat treats wisely, you will have a better behaved and healthy cat. However, don’t over pamper your cats with treats as overdoing is always harmful.

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