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Best Dry Cat Foods in 2020 – Reviews & Buying Guide

1. Meow Mix


2. Blue Buffalo


Most cat owners want the best for their furry friends when it comes to food and often wonder “what is the best dry cat food for indoor cats”. To feed them with the best quality cat food they are ready to go out of the way too if need be.

One of the common choices of cat owners is dry cat food, because it is easy to store, and it doesn’t perish fast in comparison to wet cat food. Yet many cat owners have shown their concerns with regards to nutrition and hydration when choosing the best dry cat food.

But if you buy dry cat food from a trustworthy brand, you will not have to worry about anything else. We understand that cats are like family members to its owners and thus they want only the best rated dry cat food for them.


In this article, we will be covering factors to look for when looking to buy the best dry cat food for indoor cats, ingredients in cat foods and other key aspects.

What Is Dry Cat Food?

The single most significant difference between dry and wet cat food is that dry cat food has very less moisture content, and thus, they come in large bags, while wet or gravy cat food has sufficient moisture, and they are packaged in cans of different sizes.

Some cat owners are of the view that dry cat food lacks nutrients, but it is not true if you buy the best quality cat food from a good brand. Moreover, the best dry food for cats has some other advantages as well, such as:

  • Due to the less water content, it has a longer shelf life, even after the packet is opened.
  • It is convenient to use, feed and store because it is dry; it is not messy at all as well.
  • Because the food has less moisture, the risk of bacterial growth is minimal.
  • You can leave the food in your cat’s bowl for it to gaze while you are at work without worrying about your cat food getting spoiled.
  • It also helps in reducing the formation of plaque & tartar buildup on the cat’s teeth.
  • It is also much more affordable because it comes in large quantities.
  • The only flaw in dry cat food is it might not be chewable for old cats.

Factors To Look For When Buying The Best Dry Cat Food For Indoor Cats

1) Nutrients

Cats are complex animals and their nutritional needs are much different than that of humans and dogs. There are many things that they need, but they cannot produce, thus such needs should be met through the food they eat.

Here are some essential nutrients and enzymes cat food must have:

  • Protein: Protein is necessary for animals because it provides energy and keeps them healthy. But for cats, it is much more vital because cats’ liver enzymes cannot regulate the rate of breaking down the protein. If cat food contains low dietary protein, then the cat’s body will start breaking down the protein in its muscles that will lead to severe medical issues. As already mentioned above, protein is taken from various sources and therefore the source should be mentioned in the label.
  • Taurine: It is an amino acid that is vital for cats’ eye health, heart health, and bile formation. Cats have limited enzymes that produce taurine, yet cat needs a much higher amount of it. Thus its need has to be filled through cat food. In case of deficiency of taurine, cats may suffer retinal degeneration, reproductive failure, or abnormal development.
  • Arginine: It is also an amino acid. Lack of arginine can lead to several medical issues, such as salivation, vocalization or lack of coordination, and in case of severe deficiency, a cat can die. Such deficiencies are seen in cats with liver diseases or who are not eating. Cats don’t have many means of producing this acid, unlike other animals.
  • Arachidonic acid: It is a fatty acid that is essential for cats, but unlike dogs, they can’t produce it. It is necessary to provide an inflammatory response; it is suitable for regulating skin growth, the functioning of reproductive and gastrointestinal organs & blood clotting.
  • Vitamin A in an active form: Cats don’t produce any enzyme to convert beta carotene to retinol. Retinol is an active form of vitamin and deficiency of which can lead to night blindness, bad skin quality, and hair coat. Thus cat food must contain preformedpre-formed Vitamin A.
  • Niacin: Niacin is vitamin b, and unlike many animals, cats cannot form it in sufficient quantities; therefore, they need it in high amounts in their diet. Lack of niacin can lead to weight loss, appetite loss and inflamed gums.
  • Starch & carbohydrates: Cats need a much lesser amount of carbohydrates and fats. Many cat owners feed them rice and other food items that are high in carbohydrates, but it is not recommended and can make your cat obese. Cat food should also contain less amount of both start and carbs.
  • Minerals & vitamins: Vitamins’ A, E, B, C, D E K, and minerals like calcium, iron, chloride, chromium, cobalt, copper, iodine, fluorine, molybdenum, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, selenium, silicon, sodium, sulfur, and zinc must be present in all cat foods.
  • Potassium chloride: It is a potassium salt that comes from hydrochloric acid and it is essential to all the species. In cat food, it also acts as a flavor and preservative.
  • Phosphoric acid: It consists of large amount of phosphorus, and it helps the cat to maintain a proper urine pH.

Look for nutrients, not ingredients: So many, cat food advertisements often confuse people when it comes to buying the best. Also, most cat owners don’t understand the labeling of cat food products much and tend to focus on ingredients more than nutrients.

But the reality is nutrients are more essential.

It would help if you looked for the amount and the name of every nutrient your cat food contains. Some grains are not bad for cats, but they should be of high quality & no residue.

Moreover, carbs in grain make food crunchy, which is loved by cats. Therefore, you must ensure and consult your vet about your cat’s nutrient needs and buy accordingly.

2) High-quality grains

Some cat food may contain grains residue, while others may contain grains in ground form. They are essential for cats and provide energy. Ideally, after, meats and organs, grains should be listed.

3) Low-calorie foods

Cats need lesser calories, fats & carbs, and this is even truer if your cat is an adult or senior. In case your cat is an adult, it should be given a little calorie food to avoid obesity in the long run. Their diet should be enriched with calcium, protein, vitamin E, and C but not carbs and fat.

4) Look for a complete food

Many premium brands mark their food as ‘complete,’ which means these products contain all the essential nutrients your cat may need. Some brands also mark themselves as complementary, which means they should be a part of your pet’s diet and should be given alongside complete food.

Complete food meets all the requirements that are set by the official guidelines. It is not necessary that a complete meal will cost more than inferior food products. With little research on the net, you can easily find a complete dry cat food within your budget.

5) Food as per the age, weight, size & breed of the cat

This is the utmost essential point to look for because the need for every cat is different, and diet depends on age, weight, size & breed of the cat. The dietlack of adults and mature cats is much distinct than that of kittens; they should be fed according to their weight.

Adult cats come between the age group of one and six. Cats above six years come under the category of senior pets. Their nutritional requirements change as per the need of an adult cat. They need more calcium for their bones and joints and vitamin E to keep their skin and fur smooth and shiny.

If your cat is overweight or diabetic, you should switch her to low-calorie sugar-free, and fat-free food options. You must consult your vet and figure out what is the best dry cat food that will meet all its essential needs.

The needs of cats may also vary from breed to breed. Many premium brands manufacture dry cat food as per cat’s age, weight, size and breed. It would help if you looked out for the one that may suit your cat the best.

6) Things to avoid in cat food

You should check for ingredients, such as ‘by-products’, ‘added sugar,’ ‘added salt,’ animal digest’ or meat & bone meal, and avoid buying products containing them.

Premium quality brands may contain by-products; but it will never be the primary ingredient of their product. The best dry cat food for indoor cats must not contain the following ingredients:

  • Chemical preservatives: Products that include BHA, BHT, ethoxyquin, and propyl gallate should be avoided as they are artificial preservatives.
  • Cornmeal: If excess cornmeal is used then it is unhealthy, although limited amount of cornmeal is not harmful.
  • Excess carbohydrates: Some products may contain excess carbohydrate fillers. They shouldn’t be bought as cats don’t need much fat and carbohydrates.

7) Cheap Price Shouldn’t be a Decision Making Factor

Many new cat owners try to restrict their budget by buying cheap cat food, but it must be kept in mind that it will affect the cat’s health and life.

Cheap food is high in carbohydrates, and less in nutrients, and to fulfill the nutrition needs the cat might start eating double the amount of food than they usually eat, which can lead to many health issues in the long run. Hence, buying cheap is not at all a good idea. Buy the best quality dry cat food to keep your cat healthy and live longer.

8) Never feed vegetarian dry cat food

Becoming vegan is a new fad around the world, and some crazy pet owners are going too far by applying the same on cats and dogs. But one thing we all must understand is that cats are carnivores, and they need meat in their diet for healthy growth.

Feeding them on a vegetarian diet is doing more bad than good. It is better not to own a cat then feeding it a portion of vegetarian cat food. Vegetables and fruits can be a part of cat food or cat diet, but they must not be given as primary source of food.

If you find any cat food product where the primary source of protein is labeled as veg, you must not pick that product. Any vegetarian ingredient should be listed in the 3rd and 4th row of the labels only in the best dry cat food.

9) Cat food labelled as a treat should be limited

There are many dry cat foods that are sold as treats. Every pet owner loves to see his furry friend enjoying some tasty bites. Moreover, treats can make a great source of teaching discipline and training your pets – but treats are treats.

They are labeled as a treat because they don’t have much nutrient content, they are manufactured keeping in mind the taste and flavors that your cat will love but they are not healthy.

Therefore, never get confused between cat food & cat treats. Treats cannot be more than 10% of total diet in whole day. Feeding more treats than required or feeding only treats can lead your cat towards obesity and other health issues.

Top 25 Best Cat Dry Foods 2020

1. Meow Mix Original Choice Dry Cat Food

Meow Mix Best Dry Cat foodMeow Mix Original Choice Dry Cat Food is for adult cats, and it keeps them fit lifelong. As already mentioned, fully-grown adult cats from 1 year to six years need proper nutrition that can keep them fit and active.

It is a high-quality food with excellent animal protein, fatty acids, and contains all the minerals and vitamin an adult cat requires for best health. Some of the main ingredients of this product are whole grain corn, soybean meal, chicken, chicken by-product meal that includes liver, spleen, lungs, kidney, stomach, bones, blood.

Meow Mix also contains turkey salmon and ocean fish, corn gluten meal, beef tallow which also makes it tasty, and cats love eating it. To improve the taste, the company has also added animal digest. It has the right amount of protein, vitamins and minerals that are essential for cat growth.

The prime ingredients of the food chicken turkey and ocean fish make it healthier and tastier for cats. The main reason for listing this product in the best dry cat food list is that it derives the protein from animal-based sources and is a good source of amino acid. Amazon users have given high rating to this balanced cat food and say that their cats love it.


2. Blue Buffalo Indoor Health Natural Adult Dry Cat Food

Blue Buffalo Indoor Health Natural Adult Dry Cat FoodBlue Buffalo is best dry cat food brand that was formed in 2002, and they used the name blue because they had a pet Airedale Terrier named Blue. Because of their beloved, they decided to make quality pet food.

They have several products of pet food, and Blue Buffalo Indoor Health Natural Adult Dry Cat Food is one of them. This food product includes many essential ingredients and nutrients that any cat food must-have.

Lifesource bits are one of the unique elements in this cat food. These bites are a mixture of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. The other components of the product include deboned chicken, chicken meal, menhaden fish, brown rice, chicken fat, powdered cellulose, flaxseed, and almost all the required minerals and vitamins.

This popular dry cat food is also loaded with healthy fruits and vegetables, but the main ingredient of this cat food is chicken, and it is fully packed with abundant chicken protein to satisfy your cat’s need.

Thus, it is a great source of healthy meat protein, strengthens the immunity of cats, does not contain chicken by-product meals, and has no artificial flavors or preservatives. It is made keeping in mind specific cat’s life stage requirements.


3. 9Lives Dry Cat Food

9Lives Dry Cat Food9Livesis one of the oldest and best dry cat food brand. It was launched in the market in the year 1959. This brand offers many flavors to choose from. This cat food has a good amount of protein and other required minerals that are good for cats.

You can buy this as it contains taurine for heart and vision and omega 3 fatty acids for healthy skin. No matter which stage of life your cat is in, you can buy this. It provides a balanced diet and also contains Omega 3 Fatty Acids and Taurine. It is affordable and so popular with cat owners looking for cheap cat food.

Various flavors are Daily Essentials, Protien Plus, Indoor Complete, Lean and Tasty and Plus Care. However, it is not that superior as per Amazon users, but cats do eat it as per some buyers, and it is affordable too.


4. Purina Friskies Canned Wet Cat Food

Purina Friskies Canned Wet Cat FoodPurina Friskies Canned Wet Cat Food 40 ct. Variety Pack contains real beef, poultry or seafood. The menu also contains delicious gravy with a great smell. If your cat is a picky eater and rejects most of the food products, this is one food you must let her taste, and it will never say no again.

Every pack of this cat food contains turkey, beef, chicken, salmon ocean whitefish and tuna shreds. Cats love the tender shredded texture of this wet food and thus it is one of the best dry food for cats as per some cat owners.

It has sufficient moisture to keep your cat hydrated. It is said to be 100% complete and balanced food. However, as per many users, it is not cats favorite, so try once and see if your cat likes it.


5. Iams Proactive Health Adult Indoor Dry Cat Food

Iams Proactive Health Adult Indoor Dry Cat FoodThe food is specially designed to control hairball and weight of indoor cats. This kibble contains high-quality protein that is derived from chicken and turkey. Chicken helps in building muscles and keeping the cats active.

If your cat is overweight or if you are looking for hairball care, then this is a great product. It has a unique fiber blend with beet pulp that aids in reducing hairballs. Most cat owners have stated that this as an excellent indoor cat food that does decrease hairballs.

This adult cat food is formulated with l-carnitine that helps your indoor cat lose weight. This cat food also provides treatment to hairball issue of cats naturally. It has a much lowerlow quantity of fat and higher quantity of protein. The presence of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acid is in good amount.


6. Purina Cat Chow Naturals Original Adult Dry Cat Food

Purina Cat Chow Naturals Original Adult Dry Cat FoodIt is one of those brands that focuses on natural ingredients and nothing artificial. No added flavors or preservatives make it perfect for cats, because they are extremely sensitive to such ingredients and can cause severe problems.

This is a great source of all vital nutrients that can keep your cat in good shape and is a balanced diet for all age groups. The key ingredient of this cat food is chicken, so it is high in protein. It provides omega 6 in good amount.


7. Hill’s Science Diet Dry Cat Food For Weight Management

Hill's Science Diet Dry Cat Food For Weight ManagementThis particular brand makes food keeping in mind all the needs of your cats, and thus, the main ingredient of this food is chicken. This specific food is on our list because it promotes weight loss, lean muscles, healthy, skin, fur and eyes.

The product meets every requirement and guidelines as per the industry standards. Because it is made for adult cats, it has low calories and carbs, which makes the food perfect for inactive, obese or diabetic cats it is best dry cat food for indoor cats.

Because it contains lean protein, this cat food promotes healthy weight management and is recommended for obese cats. The antioxidants and vitamins in this food boosts immunity. This food product is free from artificial colors, flavors and preservatives.


8. Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Natural Kitten Dry Cat Food

Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Natural Kitten Dry Cat FoodBlue Buffalo is a brand that has promised to deliver only quality products, and it has been living up to this promise since decades. This product of the brand is the concentration of delicious, protein-rich, Deboned Chicken, and hence it is not just healthy but tasty as well.

It doesn’t contain artificial preservatives, gluten, by-product meals corn, wheat or soy, which makes it 100% cat-friendly and allergen-free. It is specifically designed to meet the unique needs of the young kittens so that they can thrive.

The food contains antioxidants, vitamins and minerals derived from Cranberries, Blueberries and carrots. Sweet potatoes provide healthy complex carbohydrates.


9. Blue Buffalo Indoor Hairball and Weight Control Natural Adult Dry Cat Food

Blue Buffalo Indoor Hairball and Weight Control Natural Adult Dry Cat FoodThis cat food of blue buffalo is Brown Rice Recipe for adults cat and is fully packed with lean meat protein, all needed minerals and vitamins. This food also has different life source bits which are an exclusive feature of every blue buffalo pet food.

If you want your cat to remain in good health and weight while reducing hairball issues, it is one of the top 10 best dry cat foods.

The key feature of this cat food is that it has real meat, as its first ingredient is chicken deboned meat. It also contains whole grains, fruits and veggies to enhance quality.

It is a great dry cat food that helps in maintaining a healthy weight. The product is specially designed to reduce hairball problems. It does not contain secondary products like by-product meals, corn meals, wheat, soy, preservatives, artificial colors and flavors.


10. Royal Canin Renal Support D MIG Can Cat Food

Royal Canin Renal Support D MIG Can Cat FoodThis is a supplemental feeding food packet for cats that requires veterinary authorization during purchase. The product is designed to provide highly digestible and high energy diet for cats that has low protein and low phosphorus. It is helpful to those cats who lose their appetite.

It improves lost appetite and contains low protein and phosphorus, and is recommended for cats with kidney issues. It requires vet authorization


11. Evolution Diet Gourmet Fondue Cat Food

Evolution Diet Gourmet Fondue Cat FoodMade in Canada, this cat food is manufactured as per the AAFCO guidelines. It is a concentrate; therefore, the feeding is reduced by 30%. Vegan cat owners who want to feedfed their cat with vegan option can consider this for their cats.

This is 100% vegan product and contains no animal by-product. Yet it meets all the nutritional needs. It is a complete food for all age groups and life stages. It contains good vegetarian protein. 30% less feeding is required as it is a concentrate.


12. Better In The Raw For Cats Premix For Homemade Raw Cat Food

Better In The Raw For Cats Premix For Homemade Raw Cat FoodThis food product contains 100% human-grade ingredients and is made to provide cats with a raw meat diet. It is a complete diet for all life stages in cats and feeding this diet can keep your cats free from many diseases. The shelf life of this packaged food is a year.

It is the best option for pet owners who love feeding raw food to their cats. It is fit for cats of all age groups and will keep your cat disease-free.


13. Farmina Natural Grain Free Lamb and Blueberry Adult Cat

Farmina Natural Grain Free Lamb and Blueberry Adult CatIf you are looking for the best scientifically proven cat food, then all the food products by Farmina are your best option. It has all the natural ingredients like lamb and blueberry. This food is 100% free from cereals and grains, gluten and has the highest quality of protein.

It claims to have 97% animal ingredients and rest fruits and vegetables are included to fulfill the need for minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. Made with fresh, natural ingredients, this food is excellent to maintain weight and reduce obesity.

All the cat or dog foods of this brand are designed with the help of top experts in the industry to provide complete nutrition. Thus, the food is not just a balanced diet, but it is also a best-tasting cat food.

It derives all the protein from animal sources, and therefore it is a perfectly healthy diet for your furry friends. It is delicious, digestive and affordable.


14. Royal Canin Renal Support D MIG Can Cat Food

Royal Canin Renal Support D MIG Can Cat FoodIt is a suppliant and not a meal diet; therefore, it should be given with other food items and only after taking advice from the vet. This particular cat food is highly digestible and high energy food for cats.

This product is available in multiple profiles, and each of the product under this brand provides optimal nutritional level. If your cat is suffering from kidney problems, it is one of the best products to feed.

This cat food has an excellent texture that can get your cat’s lost appetite back. The product ensures superior palatability and many other health benefits. The main highlight is that it has low protein, low phosphorus and has EPA/DHA.

Thus, the product is excellent to support kidney health. It requires vet authorization before purchase. Most Amazon users who have fed their cats with this had kidney issues and have posted a positive response.


15. Purina Fancy Feast Broths For Cats With Wild Salmon And Whitefish

Purina Fancy Feast Broths For Cats With Wild Salmon And WhitefishLike all the products of Purina, even this cat food is powered with high minerals, vitamins, protein and is designed in a way that it will satisfy your cat’s taste buds. Every pack of this cat food natural to serve and perfectly measured.

This creamy cat food is also prepared using high-quality wild salmon, whitefish and veggies but has no by-products and fillers. With wholesome goodness of fish, it has a tender texture and super tasty creamy broth that is loved by cats.

The product only contains real and recognizable ingredients. The reviews on Amazon are amazing for this cat food and many cat owners are saying that their cats simply love it.


16. Purina Deli-Cat Cat Food

Purina Deli-Cat Cat FoodThe reason why so many Purina products are in this list is that this is one brand that loves pets, their employees have pets in their homes, and they are even allowed to bring them to their offices. This shows the passion of this brand towards pets that goes beyond providing just nutritional food.

When a brand believes pets can change lives makes pet food, it will surely add the best ingredients, all required nutrients, acids and minerals to keep your pet healthy and fit all lifelong. Thus, they are considered one of the best cat dry food.

Now moving to this particular cat food, it is a dry cat food that contains a mix of turkey fish, liver and more natural ingredients. It is a 100% complete food that will provide your adult furry friend with a balanced diet.

Thus it contains the right amount of calcium, phosphorus, vitamin A, D and E for adult cats. The product is carefully measured and packed in the form of colorful bite-sized morsels so that cats can chew easily.

Deli cat food is again one of those products that are 100% complete and offer balanced nutrition. It contains fish and liver flavors that your cat will love.


17. Meow Mix Grain-Free Dry Cat Food

Meow Mix Grain-Free Dry Cat FoodMeow mix is one of the best dry cat food brands. This cat food by Meow Mix is filled with vital vitamins and minerals that play a crucial role in keeping cats healthy. This product is grain-free, preservative-free, and free from artificial flavors too.

It provides an excellent source of protein that is derived from wild salmon. This cat food does not contain corn, wheat or any grain, but has salmon. Cats love the taste of this completely natural food.


18. Applaws Chicken Grain Free Dry Cat Food

Applaws Chicken Grain Free Dry Cat FoodApplaws is one of the most-renowned cat food and is found easily in supermarkets. The main ingredient of the product is its protein that is derived from chicken or salmon, and another thing is that it is grain-free.

Chicken meat is a slice of lean meat and high in protein, and this is precisely what makes this product one of the best cat dry foods.

Its first five ingredients are meat-based, and it also contains flaxseed, fish oil, rosemary extract, fruits vegetables and alfalfa. It is easy to digest, its meat is carbohydrate-free and helps your cat stay healthy.

The product contains 80% animal protein. The product is Australian made and has received good rating on many websites. It has also received excellent reviews on Amazon, because it has unique meat content and contains less starch.


19. Fussie Cat Dry Cat Market Fresh Salmon/Chicken Formula

Fussie Cat Dry Cat Market Fresh Salmon Chicken FormulaSalmon is the first ingredient in this food, it is an excellent source of omega-three fatty acids, but it also contains 60% moisture. One drawback of salmon is that after cooking its meat is reduced drastically and therefore it cannot provide a good source of protein.

The chicken meal that is obtained from cooking chicken is another key ingredient of this food. Rendering reduces the moisture content of chicken and makes it a condensed protein source. Thus, the product is high in both omega 3 as well as protein that are vital for the growth of cats.

Coming to the next ingredient, it is peas, which is an excellent source of fiber minerals and vitamins. Chickpeas are the fourth ingredient on this list, and it is an excellent source of carbs, fibre and vegetarian protein.

Chicken fat is again a great source of omega-six fatty acids and is present at 5th number in the list. Next there is turkey meal that is made with the process of rendering and is an excellent source of protein.

Pea flour is made using roasted peas that are grounded until turned to powder. Pea flour is used in the product to provide dietary fibre. It also contains flaxseed – an excellent source of omega-three, salmon and catfish meal, a source of protein.

The food also contains natural flavor and calcium phosphate. Overall the final content of the menu contains sufficient and balanced amount of nutrients, protein and amino acids. It is one of the best dry cat foods in this price.

Made using fresh and natural ingredients, this dry cat food contains high-quality protein and omega-three and omega-six fatty acids. It is grain-free and potato-free, which makes it great for cats with food allergies.


20. Purina Pro Plan Gravy Canned Adult Cat Food

Purina Pro Plan Gravy Canned Adult Cat FoodThis particular food is fortified to bring out the overall personality of the cat with chicken, tomato & pasta. It helps in the health of skin, fur, eyes, and functioning of reproductive and digestive organs. It not only keeps the cat healthy but also promotes its brain health.

Its high quality nutrients and superb taste ensures that even the fussiest cat cannot refuse it. It is a complete and balanced diet that encourages a healthy lifestyle in cats. Its texture is something that your cat will always crave for.

It also strengthens the immune system of cats because it is full of antioxidants, protein, and fatty acids. It doesn’t have any added artificial colors, flavoring agents or preservatives. You can try this best rated dry cat food with positive reviews from Amazon customers.


21. Fancy Feast Elegant Medleys Florentine

Fancy Feast Elegant Medleys FlorentineThis adult canned cat food in sauce is packed with goodness and taste of salmon. This recipe contains everything a cat needs to stay healthy and fit all the time. It has the right amount of protein omega 3, omega 6, vitamins and minerals.

It also contains the right amount of taurine that is an essential element of the cat. One best thing is that it includes real broth that helps your pet stay hydrated. It also includes greens to provide essential vitamins and is a complete food for adult cats.

Some customers have said that this is the best product so far they have tried for their cats both taste wise and price. Few cat owners who have fussy cats have said that their cats loved this wild salmon recipe.


22. Purina Complete Cat Chow that Tastes Excellent

Purina Complete Cat Chow that Tastes ExcellentIt is a recipe that supports all the stages of cats’ life be it pregnant cats, kittens, adults, or senior ones. It is one of the most popular pet foods for pregnant cats as it provides amazing nutrition to pregnant cats and their babies. It has a very high-quality protein, healthy carbs, and omega 6 that help cats in everyday activities.

Primary nutrients found in this product are crude protein, fat, fiber, moisture, linoleic acid, arachidonic acid, calcium, phosphorus, selenium, vitamin A, E, Taurine, and omega 6. The amount of food to be given depends on the size of the cat and its condition. The food has excellent taste, and cats never create fuss over eating it.


23. Purina Cat Chow Naturals Adult Dry Cat Food

Purina Cat Chow Naturals Adult Dry Cat FoodPurnia is one brand that promises to provide your cat with 100% natural ingredients along with sufficient amount of vitamins, minerals and nutrients. In this, real chicken is one of the main ingredients, and it contains real salmon, whole grains, and leafy greens.

Everything together results in a healthy and tasty cat food recipe. The particular product is designed to provide optimal nutrition for all life stages. Hence you can feed it to kittens, adults & senior cats.

It is free of artificial flavors and preservatives and is high in protein, natural fibers, minerals & vitamins, and therefore, it also controls hairballs. Keeping everything real is the central promise that this brand has fulfilled.

It has all the essential vitamins and minerals and is thus a complete food. It keeps your cat in good shape with natural diet. Pricing is good and cats are happy as per many cat owners on Amazon.


24. Exclusive Cat Food With Chicken & Brown Rice

Exclusive Cat Food With Chicken & Brown RiceKey ingredients of this meal are chicken meal, turkey meal, whole grain, brown rice, oatmeal, brewers rice, fish meal, flaxseed, beet pulp, and dried eggs. It also contains nutrients, such as Vitamin, E, A, B 12, D3, B6, B1, B2, niacin, folic acid, and many other minerals like copper, manganese, potassium, etc.

Looking at all the ingredients and nutrients one can say that it is designed to provide complete & balanced diet for healthy growth of cats. It contains a variety of antioxidants to support strong immunity and help the healthy functioning of the digestive tract. This cat food has chicken as its main ingredient, and thus is the perfect source of lean protein.

It is among the best tasting cat food and has easy to digest formula. It contains a variety of grains that provide high fibre, good carbs, and the right amount of protein. Not many customer reviews on Amazon though!


25. Blue Buffalo Blue Carnivora Optimal Prey Nutrition For Adult Cats

Blue Buffalo Blue Carnivora Optimal Prey Nutrition For Adult CatsBlue buffalo is one of the most loved holistic brands among cat food products that strongly believes in providing high-quality kibble to kittens, cats & cat moms because it is the most critical factor that affects any pet’s life. This pet food has 90% protein that is derived from 11 different animal sources.

These animal sources include fresh, raw and dried chicken, turkey, saltwater fish, and duck. It has all the essential organs and cartilage that fulfill cats’ instincts. With the right amount of protein, vitamins, omega 3, omega 6, and minerals, it will give your cat a complete and balanced diet.

High-protein content is good for healthy eyes skin, and fur health. It has no grains, peas, or potatoes, and this means it has low calories, carbs, and no gluten and starch. This adult cat food will keep your cat active.

Some customers believe that product is pricey, but keeping in mind the nutritional value of the product and benefits to cats’ health, it is worth it. It will keep your pet happy and healthy, and you won’t need to visit your vet often.

If your cat is obese or diabetic then this weight- control food will keep her instincts satisfied and help her manage her weight. Its 90% protein is taken from fresh animal sources and that too from lean meat. It does not contain any peas, corn, and potatoes.


What Are The Ingredients Used In The Best Tasting Dry Cat Food?

The primary purpose of cat foods is to provide cats with a well-balanced diet that meets all their needs. Cats are picky eaters and may not eat everything you put in their bowl, thus making the food tasty is another essential requirement of the best cat dry food.

Here is the list of common ingredients that are found in most branded dry cat food products.

  • Protein source: Protein is one of the essential ingredients of cat food, and it helps in building bones, muscles, blood, organs, hair, nails & skin of cats.
  • Muscle meat or chicken: Muscle meat is usually listed as chicken. It can contain, head, feet, liver and other parts of chicken or turkey. They are found in the premium quality of cat food because they are a great source of protein.
  • By product poultry meal: This may include neck, feet, undeveloped eggs, and intestines in grounded form, but it should not contain feathers. One important thing to do is to choose healthy food; bi-products should not be the primary or first ingredient of the meal.
  • Beef tallow: It is saturated fat, and it is obtained from the tissue of cattle during commercial rendering. The primary purpose of adding it in the cat food is flavor in it.
  • Fish: The fish meal is ground tissue if undecomposed fish or parts of fish. Products with fish meals may contain salt, but if it is more than three percent of them, the amount of salt must be mentioned. It would help if you check the salt the cat food contains before buying.
  • Eggs: Many cat foods contain eggs in dehydrated, liquid or frozen form but must not contain the shell.
  • Dried yeast: It is an inactive yeast, and a rich source of protein, amino acid & vitamin B, and despite its bitter tastes, cats find it tasty. It comes from the brewing of beer.
  • Brewer’s rice: It is a leftover rice from making beer and may contain pulverized or dried form but it cannot exceed 3%.
  • Corn gluten: This meal ingredient comes from the leftover of corn-based products like corn syrup. It is a popular filler of cat food because it is cheap, but it can result in allergies in cats, and many premium brands will never include it in their product.
  • Wheat flour: These are fine particles of wheat bran and wheat germs, and it can’t be more than one and a half percent.
  • Milk product: It is labeled as sodium caseinate in cat food products, which is used in cat food as a preservative or flavoring agent.
  • Bone meal: It is nothing but grounded bones of different animals. These are a great source of calcium. Many animal calcium supplements also contain bone meals.
  • Natural flavors: Flavors should be taken from natural ingredients only, such as animals and plants. Those made through chemicals and synthetic process or using artificial additives must be avoided.
  • Vegetables and fruits: Many companies add fresh or dehydrated veggies and fruits in cat food to provide them with natural vitamins and antioxidants.
  • Fat and oils: Different types of fatty acids and oils are usually added. Oils are also used as binding agents.
  • Preservatives: Preservatives are added to food to increase the shelf life and they can either be natural or artificial. Vitamin E and C come under natural preservatives. Whereas BHA and BHT are artificial preservatives that are not good for animals.
  • Other ingredients: To fulfill the nutritional needs of cats, all the essential vitamins and minerals are added in the best cat dry food.

Best Dry Cat Foods – What’s Your Pick?

If you love your feline friend, you need to be specific about the cat food you feed them as it will ensure your cats’ good health. Giving, regular bath, cleaning her teeth, trimming her nails, grooming her hair, keeping an eye on her litter, keeping her hydrated and taking her to vet everything is part of maintaining healthy cat.

But if you don’t feed her with the right food, it will catch diseases or suffer abnormal growth in the long run. Treating an unhealthy cat is always an alternative, but preventing the illness is the best option as it can save your cat from unnecessary suffering and you from unnecessary expenses.

Some of the best cat dry food available in the market can save you from many vet visits as they provide sufficient nutrients to keep your cat healthy. Therefore, when buying the best dry cat food, ensure that you don’t run behind cheap products and invest in the quality food in the right budget.

Make sure that you read all the feeding instructions of the brand and follow them strictly. In case you are confused about anything, you must ask your vet. Many cats are allergic to different food products; whenever you change your cat food, start with small amounts and observe for signs like nausea, upset stomach, skin allergies, and rashes.

If the cat doesn’t show any such symptoms, you can continue with the brand, but in case it does, then stop the food with immediate effects. Your cat’s health will depend upon how you keep them, clean them, and feed them. But a balance diet remains an essential part of cat health that cannot be ignored. It helps your cat look good, feel good, and stay healthy.

Our list of best dry cat food 2019  includes wet-dry & vegan options, and they can be fed to the cats in all stages of life. We have also covered some food that are special supplements or that are may control problems like hairballs and obesity.

Every cat owner should find cat food meeting cat dietary needs on our list. So, whether you are a cat parent of a kitten, adult or senior cat, whether you prefer giving raw diet or vegan diet to your lovely feline, you can buy cat products suggested here and keep your cat healthy and happy for long.

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