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Best Grain-Free Cat Food of 2020 – Reviews & Buying Guide

2. Blue Buffalo


Cats are known to be one of the most-pampered and highly-sensitive mammals on earth. Not only are they extremely instinctive, but also have a very precocious nature. And so, they are quite choosy about whom they mingle with, whether to eat or even what to eat for that matter.

Having a pet cat means high maintenance, patience and care. Moreover, choosing the apt cat food is vital for keeping your cat healthy and happy. Most importantly, if your pet cat is happy, it will keep you contented too.

Grain-free cat food is the right choice to feed your cat and keep her safe from any grain allergies that they may be vulnerable to. Before you delve into a list of the best grain free cat food, you must know about the right nutrition your cat needs as well as the reason for feeding them a grain-free diet.


Grains such as corn, wheat, maize, etc., are generally the foundation of several standard recipes, posing a threat to cats with allergies, making them sicker and depriving them of the right nutritional supplements needed to recoup or grow.

Several grain-free cat food recipes are available based on weight and hairball controlling formulas, helping you improve your cat’s growth and development based only on their needs.

Read below to know about your cat’s diet, dietary needs, taboos, as well as the top best grain-free cat food. However, always check with your local veterinarian to clarify your doubts before you choose your cat’s food or diet plan.

What Is The Right Diet For Your Cat?

The most important part of a cat’s meal is ‘fat’, which comes in ample proportions when they feed in the wild. Fat is a very highly concentrated source of calories that both enhances a cat’s skin and coat and helps burn food faster.

Your cat requires a wholesome meal that makes up for the loss of natural fat and other proteins. Always remember that high-quality basic ingredients will be easier for your cat to digest than their by-product additives such as beans, legumes, etc., which become difficult for your cat to process and can end up triggering digestive tract problems.

Cats being carnivorous will require higher amounts of protein than present in standard recipes. Choose your cat’s food ingredients with care to give them the right proportion of nutrition as per their requirements.

Remember that some limited ingredient cat food companies do not eliminate grains, so look out for instructions on the label while picking up catnip for your kitty.

Most cat food manufacturers tend to remove the natural fat from the food and fill them up with extra fat that may result in obesity and other health issues in cats. Choose your cat’s meal with care just as you would for yourself. Domestic cats are generally considered rather lazy and lethargic as they do not get opportunities for essential activities that they do in the natural wild. Even if your cats do wander around in the open they do get the necessary exercise that wild cats have.

The best grain free cat food will not only help tone down their body but also help better digestion which in turn improves body metabolism and thus help your cat be more active. Better the nutrition, more the sheen on your cat’s coat.

Why Choose Grain-Free Food For Your Cat?

Like all pets, cats also need the right proportion of nutrition in their meal to grow well and have a healthy body. In the wild, they feed on live bait, which keeps them both active and fit. A domesticated cat, however, requires more care and love to get the right amount of energy and nutrition.

A grain-free diet refers to a diet that is void of grains, such as wheat, corn, barley, oats, rice, etc. Although most cats don’t usually require a grain-free diet, it is better to provide them with the safest diet as it is not as easy to deduct their allergies. Some of the best grain-free cat food provides a perfectly balanced meal for your cat. Cats are carnivores by nature and so they require meat in their diet.

A home-cooked meal could pose a threat to animals because of the spices that we use. The cat food in stores contains carbohydrates other than grains which reduce the risk of any food allergies your cat might have.

When cats hunt in the wild they search for prey that will fulfill all their nutritional needs. The prey’s body fat and warmth will help the cat to digest the food and build up energy to keep them fit and active. The food that the prey has eaten will in turn also provide the required protein and vitamin balance that the cat requires.

To make up for the hunting effect, the grain-free dry cat food is mixed to have the perfect amount of minerals, vitamins, omega fatty acids, carbohydrates, folic acids, antioxidants and some microorganisms that are essential for their digestion. All these put together make your cat’s meal a perfectly balanced diet and healthy to consume.

So, it is vital that you must choose the best product to enrich your cat’s development and healthy grooming. Well-known cat food manufacturers use no artificial preservatives or flavorings, thus keeping the diet safe for your kitty.

Grain-free cat food has now gained large popularity all over the world and is being prepared using flavorful ingredients to appeal to cats’ palate. A limited ingredient cat food usually provides a high protein diet to your cat, simultaneously avoiding additives that could upset your feline’s tummy.

Grain-free diet ensures that your cat gets energy to fuel up and run, leap and play as she pleases. It is important to mention that some cats might not react well to grain-free food too. So do consult with your veterinarian with regards to the apt food elements and proportions for your cat.

How To Identify If Your Cat Has Allergies To Grains?

Like all other animals, cats also indicate symptoms of having allergic reactions to food and food products. Here are some symptoms you need to look out for to know if your cat has allergies to food before giving them the best grain free cat food:

Upset Stomach: An upset stomach could be marked by cat’s rolling on the ground feeling uncomfortable.

Hair Loss: If you see your kitty littering your room and furniture with its hair all over, it is time to check her food.

Sores: Do you see little sores on the body underneath the fur? It could be an allergic reaction to some food material.

Scabs: Scabs come from itching. Itching though occurs mostly due to flea bites, sometimes also comes as a mark of itching from food allergies.

Scratches: Scratch marks over the body could also indicate displeasure from food eaten.

Runny eyes: Some chemicals present in preservatives tend to cause hyper allergenic reactions that could affect the cat’s eyes.

Vomiting: Undigested or unbreakable fats are sometimes vomited by cats. This is indicative of allergic reaction.

Diarrhea: Any smelly runny poop by your cat indicates the presence of food products that could have upset your cat’s stomach or have given a bad reaction.

Swollen Paws: Some grains and preservatives tend to give cats hive-like reactions. These are indications of an allergic reaction.

Factors To Look For When Buying The Best Grain-Free Cat Food

Much like buying your own food, buying cat food also requires you to put in a lot of thought and consideration because your cat deserves the best food. You could do some online research or get info from your local veterinarian about the best grain free cat food.

Cats being carnivores essentially require a regular portion of meat along with any vegetarian diet. Now, pet food manufacturers need to have these following criteria if they place the label “complete and balanced”:

All canned food must have passed the feeding tests for the recommended life stage as printed. All contents of the packed content must meet the standards of the nutritional levels as established by AAFCO.

Food cannot be packed or canned without the use of any preservatives. But the levels of preservatives used must not exceed the level prescribed by Commercial Pet Foods. The recent policies ask manufacturers to use natural preservatives such as Vitamins E and C.

There could be a load of different opinions and instructions out there that could confuse you. However, these points below will remain the same everywhere.

1. Nutritional Value

The perfect blend of nutrition in grain-free cat food should contain a minimum of 50% protein, about 30~50% fat and 10~15% carbohydrates.

So you need to look for the nutrients when buying cat food.
Protein from any meat, poultry or fish source: You might think that cats only love fish meat. You are mistaken if you think so. Cats like other carnivores love any kind of meat as they provide them with ample protein.

Essential Amino Acids or Taurine: Amino acids are vital to body development. They are critical for vision development, maintaining digestion, heart muscle functioning and improve the immune system.
Vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and other enzymes: As all living mammals need their daily dose of vitamins, minerals and fatty acids, so do cats. These nutritional elements ensure the steady growth of the cats.

Water: The most important need of all is water. Remember to always give plenty of water to your cat no matter what kibble or canned food you give.

2. Canned Or Kibble

Nutritionists believe that cats should be given a variety of food, both canned as well as dry food for the following reasons:

To give your cat a perfectly balanced diet. Some packaged food might contain an excess of minerals and vitamins which should be balanced out with wet food too.

Eating the same food every day would soon become boring for cats. So a change or variety in their food will surely sound pleasant and make them want to eat it up.

Animals also develop allergic reactions to food materials and cats are no exception. Though a rare scenario, it is a possibility for cats to develop allergies. So taking caution in your cat food would be a safe play.

Eating the same flavour and brand of food could also bring in an addictive attitude in your cat. Keep it jumbling and add variety to your cat’s palate.

3. Cheap or Reliable Brand

Going cheap on your cat only means having to shell down more at the veterinary clinic. Cats will eat only as much as nutrition they need regardless of the brand. So if the food is good, your cat is sure to eat happily. The better the nutritional content, the more the quantity your cat might want to eat.

Besides, giving sub-standard food to your cat owing to your financial hiccup could only mean further expenses to care for your cat.

4. Label Check

Always check the label for the authenticity of the ingredients and nutritional claim. There could be fake labels and additional hidden preservatives which you will need to look out for. Here are 4 important labels you need to look out for while buying your cat food:

An AAFCO label that covers the “complete and balanced” requirements. Check the authenticity of the label with the correct wording.

Look out for the name of the protein like chicken, lamb, beef, etc.rather than simply – “meat”.
While checking out canned food, ensure you first check for the protein for it should be first on the list.
Ensure that the product is well within the expiration date and remains fresh while your cat eats it.

5. Taboo List

Big time pet food manufacturers tend to add in unwanted materials that as a buyer you may tend to oversee. These tiny printed letters must be present on the cover as per rules and it is your right as a consumer to verify the presence of these materials.

Presence of Chemical preservatives such as BHA, BHT, Propyl Gallate, Ethoxyquin, etc.,
Words such as “By-products”, “meat and bone meal”, “animal digest”, any sugars added or even simply the words that include “digest” in them.

Excessive carbohydrates, used as fillers are strictly taboo. There is a specific limitation to the percentage of carbohydrates that should be present in canned food as well as dry food.

This rate varies from dry kibble to catnips. However, the more carbohydrates, the more difficult it becomes for cats to break it down into energy, thus leading to obesity and diabetes.

Cornmeal being used as a filler in the meal. Most cheap catnips contain cornmeal. Cornmeal is a cheap filler ingredient that is used in many processed pet foods. It is the final leftover product after corn is processed into corn syrup and sweetener.

The addition of cornmeal increases the overall protein rate and acts as a binder, keeping the food dry. But this is not easily digestible to cats and should be avoided.

6. Consult Your Vet

Ensure that your cat is vaccinated and listed with a local veterinarian. Veterinarians in and around your locality or even a well known credible Vet who is available online could also guide you well around the ‘Dos and Don’ts’ of cat feeding and cat allergies.

If you are not satisfied with the information provided here, you could always consult your cat’s vet and get their advice about buying the best grain free dry cat food.

There are a number of cat food brands found world over. While some are made using natural minerals and proteins, some manufacturers add preservatives that go over the prescribed limits.

Some companies add artificial flavoring, colors and chemicals to give the packaging an enhanced look, which in reality it does not possess.

So after reviewing the above-mentioned points and having understood the basics of Cat Food, find the top 20 best grain-free cat food of the year 2020 below.

Top 20 Best Grain-Free Cat Food 2020

1. Grain-Free Ocean Whitefish & Egg Dry Cat Food By Purina Beyond

Purina Beyond Best Grain-Free Cat FoodThis bag of cat food is made up using real ocean whitefish and egg recipe. This grain free dry cat food is absolutely legitimate and offers flavorful meal for your pet cat. Made without any corn, wheat or soy, this cat food is grain-free and safe for your pet.

Made from real fish, this meal provides your cat with a wholesome balanced diet. Being dry, the product has a good shelf life and can be mixed with milk or water to suit your cat’s preference.

These recipes have been chosen specifically to give your cat natural nutrition while also pleasing the palate. This dry cat formula maintains a crunchy flavor and gives your cat an enjoyable meal.

With over 80% 5-star rating on Amazon, this is one of the best grain-free cat food on the shelves that your cat will benefit from.


2. High Protein Chicken Cat Food by Blue Buffalo Wilderness

High Protein Chicken Cat Food by Blue Buffalo WildernessBlended with real chicken, this grain-free dry cat food is packed with high white protein that helps the cat to maintain leaner and stronger muscle mass.

This cat food is made up of healthy carbohydrates that include sweet potatoes and peas, which help fuel up your cat’s energy. This pack also contains Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids that support the skin and fur health.

This is a perfect blend of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that help build the cat’s immune system, supplement its life stage requirements and give a healthy oxidative balance. Most reviews on Amazon prove that the quality and standards of this meal are sure to keep your cat happy through the day.

However, a few have expressed that their kitty did not like the flavor much. This particular grain-free dry cat food has been specifically designed for adult cats.

With each and every ingredient chosen by experts and veterinary dieticians, this is sure one of the top grain-free dry cat food that you could find for your cat.


3. Chicken & Salmon High Protein Cat Food by Crave

Chicken & Salmon High Protein Cat Food by CraveThis 10lb pack of grain-free high protein dry cat food has been designed with a perfect blend of natural Chicken & Salmon, especially for indoor cats. High in natural protein, this cat food has been designed using an ancestral diet pattern that provides energy from high-quality carbohydrate sources.

Filled with natural vitamins and minerals, this grain-free cat food supports muscle development, aids digestion and provides a healthy immune system.

Made purely from natural ingredients, there are absolutely no by-products or grains in this product. With real chicken as the #1 ingredient, the grain-free cat food gives your cat a complete and balanced meal with mouth-watering flavor.

About 75% buyers of this cat food on Amazon have recommended this cat meal, making it a much preferred brand.


4. High Protein Natural Chicken Kitten Food By Blue Buffalo Wilderness

High Protein Natural Chicken Kitten Food By Blue Buffalo WildernessMade from a combination of deboned chicken and sweet potatoes, this grain-free kitten food is built with healthy complex carbohydrates right from natural ingredients. Enhanced with blueberries, carrots and cranberries, the mixture is rich in antioxidants.

This special kitten food has been inspired by the diet of the lynx promoting the healthy growth of the baby cat. Building steely nerves like that of a tireless hunter, the kitten is given enriched protein-rich trail. Over 85% buyers have indicated 100% satisfaction in the product.

Made up of essential amino acid that supports brain and eye development, this balanced meal has complete potential to support muscle growth. Added Omega 3 and 6 Fatty acids that develop a shiny coat and healthy skin are blended into this high protein-diet, developing the kitten at a rapid stage.


5. Grain & Gluten-Free Wet Cat Food By Solid Gold Holistic Delights

Grain & Gluten-Free Wet Cat Food By Solid Gold Holistic DelightsA specially crafted grain and gluten-free wet cat food that is in the form of a creamy bisque, this cat food has been specially designed with real chicken liver and coconut milk.

This wet cat food can be given to cats of all life stages. Designed free of any grains or artificial preservatives, this serves as a decadent combination of chicken liver pieces, making this a very filling meal for your kitty. The coconut milk helps with the digestion of calcium sources.

Packed in easy to use and throw pouches that are eco-friendly, this holistic gluten and grain-free cat feed is power-packed with nutritional elements. Each pack comes with 24 pouches of wet cat food.


6. Grain-Free Cowboy Cookout Cat Food By Merrick Purrfect Bistro

Grain-Free Cowboy Cookout Cat Food By Merrick Purrfect BistroMade from the #1 ingredient of deboned beef, this cat food is a grain-free recipe that bursts with flavors that will satiate your cat’s palate completely. As a gourmet dish, this grain-free cat meal has been perfected using a special holistic recipe that makes food digestible.

This cat food is enriched with Omega 6 and Omega 3 that replenishes your cat’s skin and fur, keeping it soft and silky. These canned recipes are perfect for a healthy diet of high protein, moisture content, with moderate levels and low carbohydrate levels. Chosen flavor can be mixed with raw meat and served to your cat at all times.

Feed your cats this completely balanced grain-free cat food void of any artificial flavors and or preservatives.


7. Grain-Free Cowboy Cookout Cat Food By Merrick Purrfect Bistro

Grain-Free Cowboy Cookout Cat Food By Merrick Purrfect BistroMerrick Purrfect Bistro presents a perfect combination of beef and peas in a new gravy style, without adding any artificial flavoring or preservatives. These morsels are power-packed in nutrients and essential minerals that help boost the growth of your pet.

With #1 ingredient being deboned beef, this cowboy cookout recipe is sure to satiate your kitty with multitude of flavors in her mouth. The gravy form of the cat food has moisture, works as complementary cat’s feed, and provides a balanced nutrition at the same time.

This case of 24 packets of delectable bistro morsels does not contain any grains like corn, wheat, rice, etc., thus enabling normal digestion and boosting your pet’s energy. 85% positive rating on Amazon definitely means that this is an excellent meal for your cat.


8. Grain-Free Lamb and Blueberry Adult Cat Food By Farmina Natural & Delicious

Grain-Free Lamb and Blueberry Adult Cat Food By Farmina Natural & DeliciousFarmina N&D presents prime cut natural and delicious grain-free lamb and blueberry recipe. This food is void of any cereals, grains or gluten of any kind. The meal is power-packed with 97% animal ingredients and 30% fruits, vegetables, minerals and vitamins.

Cooking up the finest of raw ingredients that adhere to the strict guidelines set by expert nutritionists. This is a scientifically validated cat food that cats will love for sure.

Farmina provides only 100% natural nutrients and ensures freshness in all pet food provided. With 85% happy reviews from customers on Amazon, this is by far one of the topmost preferred and chosen cat food products by customers.


9. Natural Raw Cat Food Supplement for Homemade Cat Food by TCFeline

Natural Raw Cat Food Supplement for Homemade Cat Food by TCFelineThis is a powder supplement that can be combined with fresh raw meat to make a complete, balanced, natural and homemade cat food. Each pack contains 17 oz of premix that can be mixed with any raw meat of your preference.

Flavored with cat’s favorite food – mice, this easy to prepare premix will sure please your cat’s palate. Fresh and handmade, this cat food meets all standards of AFFCO. Without any grains or gluten, this cat food has no artificial flavors or artificial preservatives.

This meal is perfect for a carnivore, formulated specifically to meet the health needs of your feline, developing its skin, coat, brain and health.

Though not chosen by all, there are those who prefer this flavor combination and benefit from its nutritional values. Choose flavors as per your cat’s preference.


10. Tuna & Sardine Flavoured Grain-Free Wet Cat Food By Sa-Shi

Tuna & Sardine Flavoured Grain-Free Wet Cat Food By Sa-ShiWith fish as the #1 ingredient, this grain-free cat food is made up of simply four ingredients. Each pouch of the 8 pouches in the pack contain 1.76oz of wet cat food. Free of any gums, this cat food is 100% natural human-grade ingredients that include wild-caught salmon and tuna, chicken breast and grass-fed beef.

Containing Bonito Tuna, Fish Broth, Sardines and Tapioca starch, this wild flavored fresh delicacy compliments your cat’s hunger pangs and supplements its health. Void of any additional artificial flavors and artificial preservatives, the cat food is a 100% healthy snack that your cat will love and ask for more too.


11. Grain-Free Natural Wet Cat Food by Abound

Grain-Free Natural Wet Cat Food by AboundComing in a pack of 6 different flavored kitten food pouches, the flavors included in the pack are Salmon & Sweet Potato Stew gravy, Chicken & Beef in Gravy, Turkey Stew with Vegetable gravy, 2 packs of each, along with a pocket treat insert.

Made with the highest-quality protein sources, this pack is 100% grain-free cat food. The pouches are easy to serve, store and ready to pour for your cat. There are no traces of meat by-products or artificial flavors or preservatives.

The meal is also power-packed with vitamins, minerals and Taurine. Wet cat food hydration is extremely important and essential for a kitten’s overall health.

Mixing the food with water gives the cats the supplementary amount of water it needs. The Abound wet cat’s recipes help increase your kitten’s moisture intake.


12. Grain-Free Cat Food By Meow Mix

Grain-Free Cat Food By Meow MixEach pack of the Dry Cat Food by Meow Mix contains 13.5 lb of dry cat food made from real chicken. Filled with high-quality protein savory chicken, the meal is power-packed with essential vitamins and minerals.

Free of any artificial fillers like grains, wheat, corn or artificial flavors and preservatives, this meal is 100% safe and offers a balanced nutritious diet.

All the ingredients in the pack are compliant with AAFCO Food Nutrition values for all life stages of cats. It is fortified with essential vitamins and minerals for your kitten’s growth requirements, the meal also gives a complete balance to your cat’s health and development.


13. Grain-Free Flaked Tuna Gravy Cat Food by WholeHearted

Grain-Free Flaked Tuna Gravy Cat Food by WholeHeartedGive your cat the best of food from Wholehearted, filled with grain-free flaked tuna gravy, flavored to perfection. Made to serve cats of all life stages, this cat food features an irresistible flaked texture that melts in savory gravy.

Each of the delectable bites of this wet cat food is free from artificial flavors or preservatives. There are no additional by-products in this meal. They are 100% compliant with the nutritional demands of AAFCO.

Each of the 12 pouches of the flaked tuna cat food contains 5.5oz of freshly prepared natural cat food. Enriched with all essential minerals, vitamins, amino acids and authentic meat, this flavorsome meal is the apt choice for your cat.


14. Grain-Free Dry Chicken Formula Cat Food by WholeHearted

Grain-Free Dry Chicken Formula Cat Food by WholeHeartedGiving your cat the essential proteins and other nutrition has now become easier with the grain-free dry chicken formula cat food by WholeHearted. Power-packed with Omega -3 fatty acids, this meal gives your cat very shiny and healthy skin and coat.

With real chicken as its key ingredient, this cat food does not have any additional by-products or artificial preservatives. There are also no artificial flavors added to this formula.

The meal is also grain-free, meaning it is void of any artificial fillers like cornmeal or wheat, rice, etc., This makes the cat food the perfect choice for your little kitty, that they will ask for more.


15. Grain-Free Dry Chicken Cat Food By Applaws

Grain-Free Dry Chicken Cat Food By ApplawsCats love to eat fowl and fish as much as they love to prey on mice. This special cat food by Applaws brings you a special dry chicken recipe that keeps your kitty licking its paws. Made specifically with limited ingredients to keep the flavor authentic and simple, the meal is one your cats will relish to the core.

Made with deboned chicken meat, this formula gives your cat a true flavor of chicken. The meal is also power-packed with energy-dense legumes that enrich your cat’s nutritional requirements and give it a steady growth.

Essentially grain-free, this cat food is void of any grains or starch like potatoes and does not contain any artificial fillers or flavouring/ preserving agents. Crunchy to the bite, your cat will love this meal any time of the day.


16. Grain-Free Dry Beef and Pea Recipe Cat Food by WholeHearted

Grain-Free Dry Beef and Pea Recipe Cat Food by WholeHeartedMade using the rich and decadent flavors of beef and pea, WholeHearted brings you a power-packed cat meal that shouts of real beef meat. This yummy catnip can be served to cats of all stages of life.

With real beef as its main ingredient, this cat meal by wholehearted has been pumped with feline probiotics that also help maintain the digestive health of your cat. No artificial flavors or ingredients have been used to enhance the richness or quality of the meal.

The Omega 3 Fatty acids present in the cat food enrich your cat’s coat and skin and give it shine like never before. You can rest assured that there are no artificial additives, by-products or flavoring agents used in this pack of cat food.


17. Moist & Tender Salmon In Gravy Cat Food By Soulistic

Moist & Tender Salmon In Gravy Cat Food By SoulisticSoulisitic brings you wild-caught salmon and red meat tuna, which adds a hint of luxurious flavor to your cat’s palate. The ingredients are all-natural and minced up to a delicious gravy, which keeps your cat well-hydrated with its high moisture content.

The presence of natural minerals and vitamins that are infused into the meal helps to keep your cat hale and healthy. All the fish used are wild-caught and are dolphin & Turtle safe.

Made free of gluten and grains, carrageenan, GMO and MSG, this package is 100% authentic and void of any artificial or chemically infused contents. There are no artificial preservatives used to keep this wet cat food fresh. All ingredients used are real, fresh and within the compliance of AAFCO.


18. Grain-Free Fish Formula Cat Food By Carna4

Grain-Free Fish Formula Cat Food By Carna4Made using the fresh-caught fish, such as Herring, Perch or Salmon, this grain-free cat food completes your cat’s diet. All nutritional values are supplemented by the presence of natural minerals, vitamins and amino acids.

Its organic sprouted seed combination provides the essential vitamins and minerals that are required for your cat’s growth. The primary ingredient like herring, eggs, salmon or perch is quick baked and air-dried to make the food synthetic free.

These pouches of hand-crafted cat food by Carna4 are easy to carry, feed and dispose. This is a whole-food complete diet for a cat, the very first of its kind in the market.


19. One Beef Recipe Canned Pate Cat Food By Purina

One Beef Recipe Canned Pate Cat Food By PurinaThis offer comes with 4 cans of real beef premium pate, blended with high-quality ingredients that give your cat a wholesome meal which is suitable for cats for all life stages. The pate is of a thick rich silky texture that your cat will enjoy without a doubt.

The meal is also enhanced by Amino Acids such as Omega – 6 fatty acids, which support the healthy growth and development of shiny and silky skin and coat respectively. Each of these cans is void of any grains or artificial flavors/ by-products/ artificial enhancers.

The presence of powerful antioxidants promote a healthy lifestyle for your cat and help immune its immune system, thus providing a 100% complete and balanced nutritional diet.


20. Beyond Indoor Salmon, Egg & Sweet Potato Dry Cat Food By Purina

Beyond Indoor Salmon, Egg & Sweet Potato Dry Cat Food By PurinaThese grain-free kibbles have been formulated with less fat and made to support every growth support of your indoor cat. The meal has been made using real salmon as the main ingredient with eggs and sweet potato too making it rich and flavorful.

The cat food by Purina has been enriched with Omega 3 fatty acids as per the AAFCO standards to fulfil your cat’s growth and body enhancing requirements. The meal gives your cat a wholesome nutritious balanced diet.

Being a high protein diet rich in high-quality amino acids and carbs from trusted energy sources, the meal has all the essential nutrients to support your cat to gain a healthy weight, have easy digestion and build a strong immune system.


Additional Things You Must Know About Cat Food

Good nutrition is always essential for your cat’s healthy growth. To best supplement, your cat’s diet, you need to simply replicate their wild diet. Ensure it is a moisture-rich, meat complemented diet.

Although cats can digest vegetables, their body cannot always process all fibres as the human body does. Meat is highly essential in their diet for overall development and digestion. Here are a few things you need know when it comes to cat food.

1. Moisture Is A Must

Water deficiency can lead to health issues in cats. So, provide them with more high-quality sources of protein in their diets regularly.

Giving them a bountiful serving of food will completely balance their growth and development. But always remember that your cat needs a good serving of water too. Either mix water with their food or give them water to drink every often.

Since they don’t generally drink as much water, their body relies on their food for appropriate moisture content. Giving them dry food will require you to mix in more water or moisture substance to ensure that their needs are filled.

2. Canned Or Not Canned

Canned and wet cat food usually has a significantly higher content of moisture. It also has low carbohydrates, which helps cats with diabetes, urinary problems or other illness.

However, do not depend only on canned food as some canned food could also lead to feline dental diseases like tartar, plaque and gingivitis. So consult your local veterinarian before choosing canned dry cat food for your cat.

3. Time To Feed

Feeding often usually leads to obesity. So, time of feeding is important. Also, not giving proper thought to quantity of food you are feeding your cat with can be harmful. Thus, a timely meal and a specified portion of food is important.

When you are restricting the quantity of food intake, this also ensures a quantitative supply of nutrition and minerals. Excessive intake of minerals, acids and other proteins could also imbalance the body’s metabolism and lead to illness.

You need to strictly monitor quantity of food intake and check your cat’s weight gain and growth to understand the effect of the food on your pet. Their amount of food intake also decides their activity level, ideal weight and growth spurt.

4. Dry Cat Food

While dry cat food is easier to store and serve, it should be noted that cats require a sufficient serving of moisture too.

While feeding dry food can help you avoid any grain content that your pet could be allergic to, exclusive dry food tends to be high in carbohydrates which can cause cats to develop an illness, such as diabetes, obesity, kidney ailments, urinary infection or even cause vomiting and diarrhea. So always keep a balance of dry and low carb cat food.

5. Cheap Or Branded

Regardless of whether a cat food is cheap or expensive, it is vital that you check the quality of the food and read the labels for its list of ingredients. If the primary ingredient is meat or fish, then verify the other nutritional content.

If the primary ingredient is corn, rice, soy or any such grain derivative like gluten, it is not recommended.

Verify the AFFCO certification in the labels to ensure that it has passed the basic requirement criteria. Another suggestion would be to avoid organ meat such as meat liver and other by-products, but instead to opt for muscle meat like turkey or chicken. Choose your cat food with care.

6. Is Raw Meat Permissible

Understand that preying on live animals differs from eating raw cut meat. Some do argue that eating raw meat would be similar to the cat hunting its prey and eating it; however, there are several risks involved in this.

Without any careful preparation or hygiene standards, raw meat could lead to poisoning or any other deadly infection. Consult with your veterinarian with regards to making your own best grain-free dry cat feed and how to balance all the nutritional requirements.

7. Feeding On Table Scraps

Feeding table scraps to pets have become a common habit or more of a ritual these days. While feeding off table scraps won’t do your pet much harm, excess eating could definitely affect your cat’s health.

An occasional treat of few strips of meat or fruit or even certain vegetables won’t cause harm. But that is only as long as they take in measly portions. Feeding your cat diary, sweets or fried food can lead to problems such as an upset stomach, obesity, diabetes, etc.

One hazard to note would be to never feed your cat cooked bones. They can be sharp and brittle and can also lead to external or internal injury. Feeding pets onions and chocolates too are taboo as they are both toxic.

8. How To Handle Obesity

An overweight cat is definitely more vulnerable to health problems that could be chronic or even life-altering. Most common problems would be diabetes and arthritis.

Fat cats generally find self-grooming an arduous task. This leads to dull and oily coats and in most severe instances it could also lead to fur mats and dandruff.

Helping your cat groom does not have the same effect as to when they self-groom. This could also lead to clinical depression. Not being able to reach their hind quarters causes a build-up of urine and faecal matter. This, in turn, can cause infection or discomfort even if you clean up your cat regularly.

Losing too much weight too fast can also have drastic effects on the liver. Encourage gradual loss of weight thus promoting active play and safeguarding your cat.

9. What To Drink

You might think that cats love to drink milk. If so, you are mistaken. Feeding cat with milk on a regular basis can cause digestive troubles in cats. Keep it low. Some cats show symptoms of diarrhea after drinking milk.

The best drink to give your cat is water. Avoid plastic dishes or bowls as they could cause skin irritations and allergic reactions in some cats. Preferably a steel bowl or a ceramic bowl would serve your cat well.

Also, use milder soap or detergents to clean your cat’s dishes. Sometimes harder detergents can be harmful to cats, even poisonous.

10. Food And Coats

Much similar to how eating good food helps promote healthy hair growth in people, it helps cats grow good fur or coat too. Taking in good proportions of amino and fatty acids help tone the texture and thickness of the cat coat. Omega 3 and Omega 6 acids are the key minerals that help promote coat growth.

If you have further doubts about our cat’s diet or dietary plans, verify with your local veterinarian to sketch out a proper meal plan for your cat and follow it through for enhanced effects.

Food That Could Pose A Threat To Cats

Cats are usually fussy eaters. Like other animals, cats also have instincts that prevent them from eating anything bad but that doesn’t mean they don’t act gluttonous. Here are a few foods that cats shouldn’t eat.

Tuna: While tuna can be a wholesome food for cats getting addicted to tuna can cause malnutrition. Too much tuna can also lead to mercury poisoning. So keep the tuna to a minimum.

Onions, Chives, Garlic: Onions tend to break down a cat’s red blood cells no matter what form it is in, leading to anaemia. A tiny portion won’t cause harm but in larger portions, it can be deadly. Much like vampires, cats also seem to be away from onions and garlic.

Milk, Milk Products: It is a universal truth that most cats turn out to be lactose intolerant. So offering your cat a saucer full of milk or a chunk of cheese could lead to diarrhea. Cats while in cartoons prefer milk, in reality they prefer meat.

Alcohol: While it may seem fun to try giving alcohol to your cat, any type of alcohol, be it beer, wine, liquor or any food containing liquor can just as easily kill their liver or even put them into a coma in a matter of seconds. What can seem like a moment of fun can kill your cat in no time.

Grapes, Raisins: Grapes and raisins have been known to cause kidney failure, though the reasons are still unknown. Signs of allergy could be continued vomiting or hyperactivity. Keep your cats away from grapes and raisins alike.

Caffeine: Caffeine taken in large quantities is known to be fatal to cats. And remember there is no antidote to this poisoning effect. Things such as tea, coffee, cocoa, colas, chocolates, even stimulant drink like red-bull have caffeine. So be careful where you leave your mug of coffee or box of chocolates. A moment on the lips, and forever your cat will tip.

Chocolates: Theobromine, a lethal, toxic agent in chocolates kills cats. From causing abnormal heart rhythms, seizures, tremors and ultimately death, chocolate is as good as poison for cats.

Bones, Fat Trimmings: Cooked bones tend to be sharp and brittle and are very harmful to cats. Fat trimmings cause intestinal upset in cats. Keep the bones and fats away from cats.

Raw Eggs: Two reactions happen when feeding cats with raw eggs; food poisoning through bacteria called E.Coli or skin problems from the raw egg protein avidin that affects the absorption of Biotin.

Raw fish and Meat: While cats are essentially carnivores, giving them raw food could also pose threats of food poisoning. Moreover, raw fish kills thiamine which is much required for the brain to survive neurological issues. Let them enjoy some fishing with you if you wish to let their natural instincts take over.

Dog Food: While a bite won’t harm your cat, using it as a substitute can interfere with nutritional disproportion. It can also cause malnutrition in your cat. There is a large difference between cats and dogs. Do not let laziness be the cause of suffering for your cat.

Liver: Overeating organ meat like liver leads to vitamin A toxicity in cats that directly affects their bones. Deformed bone growth and osteoporosis are known effects.

Treats: While eating treats won’t harm them directly, overeating treats can cause obesity or even diabetes in cats.

Yeast Dough: Yeast if consumed before fermenting will exactly ferment and double inside your cat’s stomach if consumed in dough format. This, in addition, produces alcohol that in turn causes alcohol poisoning.

Human Medicine: Human drugs should never be given to animals as they can be deadly or have side effects for which there won’t be any remedies found.

Pantry Items: Human consumable items are more than often considered deadly, if not, harmful to cats and other animals alike.

Human toys or Inedibles: If your cat does swallow anything that it shouldn’t have, consult your veterinarian immediately. Keep ‘swallowable toys’ out of reach from both kids and cats alike.

Best Grain-Free Cat Food – Your pick?

If you do decide to have a pet cat, you must be ready to take all the necessary measures to give her complete care and attention that she deserves. Ensure that the food you choose for your cat is high-grade and poses no threat or harm to her.

Remember that a cat is a carnivore and has all the instincts of a wild feline that go against our concept of domestication. So always ensure you make up for the lack of her natural environment and help her grow in a loving and healthy environment.

Also, since cats are essentially carnivores, this stresses on their need for meat in their every meal. Abandoning their hunting instincts and giving them cat food only demands a higher percentage of nutrition and a balanced diet.

Ensure you choose the right best grain-free dry cat food to fulfill the essential nutrition and supplements needed by your cat.

A healthy balanced meal should include meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, vitamins, minerals, amino and fatty acids and last but definitely not the least, water. Giving your cat a variety of healthy food to choose from will only keep her natural instinctive palate healthy.

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